Verity Parsifal Ovation vs. Encore?

I have heard the Ovations at a show and really enjoyed them.
Are the Encores much different? I have seen comments
that the bass can be overdone or even boomy, is this true?
I need them 2-3 feet from the wall behind them in
a roughly 14x20 room on the long wall. Thanks.
The ovation should be better but I would get the Encores if you can get it at a bargain price. I used to have the original Verity Parsifal and the bass was never boomy. If you are going to position it 2-3 feet the wall behind them, you should face the base module woofer to the front.
The P/Es may be just a hair warmer than dead neutal, but I've never gotten "boomy" bass in 10 years and 4 diferent listening rooms.

Good Luck,

The encore could not be upgraded to the Ovation status because of the woofer enclosure that is larger.
Ovation deserve a much higher price and very rare on the used market if you ever find a pair of encore make sure that it is the latest version in asking the serial number and have an email at Verity Audio in Quebec city (very useful service)
The bass will be never boomy since you have a very good at least 100 WPC amplifier(SS) or even a tube amps (better match) also you could put your woofer in the front firing position
Thanks for the help. How is relatively-nearfield listening,
about 7-8 feet from front of the speaker? Thanks again.
7-8 feet poses no real problems IME and I once had them on the long wall similarly positioned to what you propose in a room very similar in size to yours. I'd agree with Roy, woofers forward. OTOH, I have had them in larger rooms and you do get a fuller soundstage.

My room is similar in size except we devided the room into two by have a couch in between. SO the speakers are about 3 feet away from the backwall, and the listening position is about 8 feet from the speakers. I set up the Encores with woofers firing towards the backwall per Verity's recommendation. 3 ft is just too close to the backwall, that the bass sounded boomy. I have not tried turning the woofers to face forward. What I did was to put my DIY room lens (made of those kid's foammy swimming noodle stick things) against the backwall right behind the speakers and the bass issue was resolved.

I have the Encores with the updated revelator tweeters.

Frank--Thank you very very much for that valuable info.
I owe you a beer.
The Ovation is more energetic on the top that the encore. Someone would say it is more balanced. The encore is somewhat more dark!
I could live with both!