verity parsifal amp match

which low powered tube amp works best with the verity parsifal encore? Under 10grand please!
Hmm...none? When Bruno and Julien redesigned the Parsifal they spec'ed a 4 ohm woofer from Dynaudio to replace the previous 8 ohm one. Even though the composite impedence is a nice easy-to-drive 4.5-9.5 ohms, the woofer sucks up energy
easily. I'm using 100/200watt 8/4ohm Aleph 2 monos, and the slam is acceptable (wonderful, actually!). I found that 50watt tube integrated (VAC) was NOT sufficient.
The fidelio, or better yet, the Encore WITHOUT the woofer pod (called the Verity Audio Monitor) would probably be your best bet, as you only need a fewwatts to drive that wonderful 5.5" midrange (88-89dB/w). Let me know if you obtain success with glassware. I'm sure happy with the greatness with solidstate linearity and bass control. Good Luck. Ernie
Verity just purchased Aloia pre and power to use themselves.
I heard it w/the bat stuff and I really liked it. I've heard that a powerful tube amp(over 100watts) will work well w/them.
You should try Atmasphere. They have a 160 watt I think the model is M-1. It's an OTL amp., but do'nt be fooled by it without investigating them. This guy Ralph I think is his name, has been around forever and has a cult of beleivers with very good reason.The m-1 goes for around 10 grand new and less if you are lucky to get it in the used market. Very reliable stuff contrary to the usual idiosincracies of traditional OTL designs. I personally use Lamm m1.1 on my Parsifals wich is as close as you can get to Atmaspheres without going into tubes fully which is something I have'nt convince myself of doing yet. But if you do'nt mind tubes, do yourself a favor and check out the Atmasperes.