Verity Fidelio vs. Fidelio Encore

Has anybody upgraded or compared in depth the difference between these two speakers? Older Fidelios seem like a relatively good deal in the used markets, but the upgrade (to the encore) is quite expensive. What would I lose "settling" for the older version (although I hardly consider Verity Fidelios settling).
The differences are not huge, mainly in the treble, which is now a little more refined, as well as and the lower midrange which is sligtly richer and more fleshed out. I didn't hear much of a diffrenece in the lower end of the spectrum. The new version is slightly better, but still a long way from the performance offered by the Parsifals. The Parsifals are just so much more refined, especially in the treble, more effortless and natural, with way better bass and dynamics (most likely thanks to their larger cabinets and the amazing Skaaning Audio Technology woofers).
I owned both speakers fidelio and fidelio encore at the same time and now the parsifal encores. so i was able to do some serious listening tests in my well known room and with my equipment and i must say that in my opinion the fidelio encores are substantially better than the fidelios, better pinpoint imaging, more neutral, better midrange/bass cohesion.
to say it in percent (i know that is difficult) i would say more than 20 percent better than the fidelios.
the parsifals are also a step ahead of the fidelio encores, they are warmer, have more dynamic and better bass but more difficult in placing them best in the room.
If your room is smaller than 20 square meters you could get better results with the fidelio encores.
BTW,is there a new Parsifal coming out?I recently heard this,and that the old one would not be upgradeable.
Parsifal Ovation is out now, see the thread for the best speaker in Montreal festival.