Verity Audio Tamino x2 or S F Cremona Auditor

Those of you who know and have heard these speakers, please let me know if you think the Verity Audio Tamino x2 are a worthwhile replacement for Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors?
not really....a sideways, different but not better move. both are good though
Padre power - Given the date of your original post, my reply might not be of help to you, but perhaps others might benefit from the information.

I tried both (actually I have the newer Auditor M version for the SFs) for my secondary system. FWIW, I believe I upgraded in going FROM the Tamino x2 TO the Auditor M. I love both speaker lines, but found the Auditor Ms to be more musical and more involving than the Taminos. So someone is going to get a great deal on a mint new pair of Taminos that were lightly used for about 4 months.

And just so you know how much I love the Verity line of speakers, I use a pair of Verity Fidelio Encores in my primary system!