Verity Audio Tamino - Smooth?

I am interested in this speaker, among others (particularly sonus fabers, also totem and psb), to be my main setup and offer SMOOTH sound so I can rediscover all the music that the Martin Logans etch (replacing the green mountain audio continuum 1 and platinum solos that I currently have in this role). I have not heard this or any other verity speaker with solid state stuff (only parisfals w/ tenor tubes vy impressive). I know spendor also uses soft speak tweeters in some of their models, which are very smooth sounding. Any thoughts? I love my martin logans and will keep them forever, but I need another pair of speakers that contrasts them and does everything well. What should I look into?

Associated equipment:
Project table/grado plat/grado ph1 stage/kimber silver streak ic/nordost blue haven ic
Rega planet 2k/cardas golden cross ic
Philips DVD963SA/cardas quadlink 5c ic
Krell KAV-300i
Cardas cross speaker cable
I changed from a pair of ML Aerius i's to Spendor SP2/3s, and I've never looked back. Though the MLs were just plain cool as all get out, I never could connect to my tunes. The Spendors just rule.
I think extended high frequency response, without etch, yet still airy and silky, is the TOUGHEST act in audio to pull off. This may be the reason why we all seem to be drawn to tubed electronics, in spite of their bother and (in all but the most expensive models) tendency to mush up on the lows. You might try the Triangle Volante and Naia models: both are VERY smooth and expansive in the highs yet plenty detailed. Both have, in addition to the regular front-firing midrange and tweeter, a rear-firing duplication of these drivers, which might give you an ambient "feel" similar to that offered by electrostatics. The question is, of course, will you like the OTHER aspects of the presentation...the bass, midrange, etc.? I am confident you will love what both these models do from about 3,000 Hz out to the limits of hearing, but I don't know about midrange and bass. The Triangle models have a lot of "presence" in the 800-1000 Hz range, while the Tamino sounded slightly recessed, or "laid back" to my ears (I DID love all the Verity speakers I have heard...). I own the Volante pair
and revel in their high frequency smoothness, but I am also captivated by their sense of drama and "life," due to the way they project brass and woodwind sounds, which reflects on their midrange response more than on their tweeter smoothness. Good luck!