Verity Audio Rienzi's - any thoughts?

I am looking at these speakers and was just wondering - good or bad - anybody's opinion on these.

Just my opinion but all the Verity's to me are way overpriced..Not saying they are not good speakers,but for price of admission I would consider other speakers...Not trying to offend anyone.Just my opinion......
I have compared Verity Audio speakers to some other more and less expensive speakers (B&W 803d, B&W 802d, Sonus Faber Cremona M, Spendor, PMC). Even the entry level Finn is, in my humble opinion, more musically engaging than any of the above listed sacred cows.

I bought the Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations, which are almost as expensive as the B&W 802d, but they are in a completely different league from everything else that I auditioned.

It is not the Verity Audio's that are overpriced - they are well worth the price of admission.
I have heard Verity a couple of times and I think they are great speakers. Yes not to cheap and maybe they don't look impressive but they are a lot better then most speakers.

If only I could afford them.
How would top of the line Classe gear and an Esoteric front end match with Verity Auduo Speakers ( Rienzi's ) and all Purist Audio 20th Anniversary Cables ????