Verity Audio Parsifal vs Vienna Acoustics Kiss


Am currently using a pair of Vienna Acoustics Kiss speakers driven by Pass Labs X 350.8.

There are a pair of Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation's for sale used locally.

Can anyone tell me how they compare?

I cannot hear them in my system.

I have previously heard them and the lower end model the Leonore in a demo with Nagra gear and found the sound to be very natural with the music flowing with great ease and quite effortlessly. In that system, my impressions were of less speed and PRAT, with a less visceral presence than the VA Kiss but with a more natural musical flow.

I am unsure if they boogie as the selections played were mostly vocals.

Any comments appreciated.

ever try contacting the 'local' owner and setting up a demo using your own music?

although that outfit and your own will be different one can always see how speakers perform with various musical genres in terms of leading edge definition, dynamics, speed, etc., all of which it seems, attend to your needs/desires.

good luck.
Verity is a much better sounding speaker and better made speaker.Jump on a pair asap.Enjoy!!
Ebm is totally wrong, the Verity is a very well made speaker it is not a better speaker or better made then the Kiss. 

All you need is a good subwoofer to go with you speakers. 

The Kiss is a very musical loudspeaker that does many things well, the main difference is bass response which on the Veritiy speaker is indeed better.

Add a good fast subwoofer, we have a few ideas for you, and perhaps look at improving your sources.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Just listen to audio dude  the dealer he knows more than anyone(not really).He loves everything he sells.The only dealer that always has something to say here!!!!
EBM we don’t sell either of these speakers.

However have been around long enough to know both lines.

Gee what horrible advice gee keep your speakers which you allready own and love and fix where they are lacking which is bass.

Yeah we are hardly advocating anything outragous here.

Also in what ways is a Verity a better designed or better built product than the Vienna?

Both use excellent drivers, both use very well built cabinets. in fact if you play the technology game the flat spider coax driver of the Kiss is a more advanced driver then the Audio Technlogy drivers.

The advantage the Verity has is the size of the cabinet and a larger bass driver.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
If the seller is truly "local" go listen for yourself and find out which one you think is better otherwise asking here is just a guessing game with people pushing their perceived favorite.  I own Verity's and I won't tell you that  they are absolutely better as I don't know your room, gear, listening preferences and have never heard your speaker.  It's your opinion that matters not ours.  If he won't let you listen because they are already packed up then you will have to decide blindly.