Verity Audio Parsifal MONITOR VS VA Mozart Grand

Hey guys,

This is my first post here.

Currently I am looking to upgrade from a Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand to something better.

I have Jolida 801A amp and Jolida JD100 CD player, and I mostly listen to Jazz and Vocals in a 24x15 room.

I love the musicality of my current speakers and am left wanting more.

Would also like to enjoy the full range of the music at low volumes.

I have a chance to buy one of these 2 speakers (
Verity Audio Parsifal MONITOR and Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand
) which one do you think I should I go for.

For a chance to experience Verity, should I sacrifice the "full-rangedness" of VA Mozart Grand.

Am also hoping to upgrade to Pass Lab XA60.5 amps if I like them , pretty soon so that is a factor also

Would love to hear your opinions.

Thanks very much.