Verity Audio Parsifal Encores or Vandy 5s???

I was looking to make a big change in my system and have always loved these two speakers for different reasons. The Vandys simply play music and seemingly can adjust to different room sizes but some say they are hard to set up properly. I always thought that the Vandys did not do loud rock music and seemed rolled off on the top. They also seem a little less dynamics than a few other speakers that I have heard.

The Veritys had such a beautiful mid range that made me fall in love with them. Bass was good but probably not in the Vandy league. Again I am not sure if they can play loud rock also.

I love all types of music but also love to play music very loud too, not every day, but I do jam along to the stereo so I need a speaker that can play loud but that is usually when I am jamming to the system and not sitting down and listening to music at those types of levels. As I am getting older, I also find I am mellowing out somewhat.

Both speakers seem to have been upgraded and both companies seem to offer the upgrades going forward.

My current amps are a Pass X-250 and a Kinergetics KBA-75. I was considering down sizing the amps as I am getting a little tired of big amps but the Pass is not that bad. I really would like to stop chasing the higher priced gear and want a system that can simply play all types of music, sound very musical and leave it at that.

I know that I am asking for a lot. There are even some other speakers that come to mind that are lower priced such as the new Vandy Quattros, Meadowlark Nighthawks and VSA VR-4 Jrs or Gen IIISEs. I am not sure how these speakers hold up to the 5s and Parsifals but I would rather spend a little more on the speaker and be done with that issue now versus making a change 2-3 years down the road.

I have not lived with any of these speakers so my comments are from very long term memory.

My room is 20 feet deep, 28" back of speaker to front wall, 7.5 feet tweeter to tweeter, left speaker 3 feet from side wall, right speaker 5 feet from side wall and I listen generally 8 feet away but some times at the back end of the room when I am not doing any serious listening and just relaxing and enjoying the music. Ceiling height is 7 feet since this is a finished basement but above ground, there are some window on the wall 20 feet away and the room is mostly wall to wall carpeting over cement floors.

Your comments and advice are welcome and appreciated.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I know I've said it before Bigkidz but the Shahinian Hawks or Diapasons would be good for you. They also are capable of ridiculous loud volume levels and chest thumping bass. If you're in Illinois, stop by and I'll make you a convert!
I've been living with the Vandies for years now and they definitely play loud enough for me. However, no home audio speaker should be used for "jam" sessions. You tend to over heat the drivers so that when you're done and you turn off the speaker they weld themselves in place. I've seen it happen on non-Vandersteen speakers.

That aside, the Vandersteens come with a comprehensive manual. If you follow the instructions you can easily set them up for your self in an afternoon. I do all of my own calibration nowadays.

I can't compare them to the Verity Audio since I haven't heard them. However, the 5s do Rock! The bass is stellar and the rest of the music is totally seamless.

As for amps, you can definitely go with less power if you don't turn them up too far. However, I'd stick with a 100 plus watts per channel at a minimum for any solid state amp. My favorite is still the BEL 1001, but they're hard to find.

I suggest that you go talk to your Vandersteen dealer and talk it through with him.

Good luck!
I have not heard the Vanersteen 5s but I have heard the Verity Parsifal Encores. The strength of the Parsifal is a deep soundstage with incredible mids. Vocals are simply to die for with these speakers. They are a little power hungry when it comes to rock and roll bass, but I have heard them with a Pass Labs X250 and it was a great combination. The X600s however, really make them shine. The Parsifals are also beatiful speakers with the black finish. The Parsifal is one of the easiest speakers I have ever heard to listen to with a top end that is neither bright nor lacking. If you like to sit and enjoy music for long periods then look no further.
I had the opportunity to audition a set of Vandy 5's (obviously not the 5A's) in my old listening room some years back. As has been reported elsewhere the 5's were outstanding and I was looking to step up from my 2ce's (which are still in my second system). But a trip to CES introduced me to the Parsifals in a room running BAT electronics and I fell in love. Have had the Encores for more than three years and have no intention of replacing them. Small footprint, big, deep, articulate soundstage with decent bass extension and legendary midrange. This speaker loves Nirvana cabling. Worth every last hard-earned dollar I spent on them.