Verity Audio Parsifal

I have no experience wit these speakers other than reading an anedote in Stereophile. Audiogon has a model offered at an intriguing price. Will be using these speakers with some vintage gear (mid '80's stuff: CJ PV5 and threshold S300 which has about 150 watts per channel). Room is fairll large 18 x 15 x 7.5' high). As far as what I'm looking for in a pair of new speakers:
a.) Looking for a mid range that will make me sit-up and take notice (I listen to a lot of piano music on vinyl)
b.) High end extension with transients that are lightning fast
c.) Overall coherence (no seams)
d.) No beaminess (for lack of a better term)

If you listen to a lot of piano,I would suggest Soliloquy 6.3's. They have a great Midrange, also good for chamber and vocals. Excellant!
the verity parsifal is a very good speaker that should offer the kind of sound you seek. they are, however, quite revealing and may "magnify" the weaknesses in your electronics. the cj tubes should help to take the edge off the thresholds but i'd suggest you use the parsifals as a starting point to build a really first-rate system. good hunting. -kelly
Check they have a review on the parsifal. i have heard the parsifal (not in my system) and the midrange was quite magical, soundstaging was also very impressive, system was all BAT. not to go out on a limb but they reminded me of Wilson products, with less bite in the high end, and a much more musical sound. My 2 cents
It has been said by a few reviewers Lars Fredell for example, that the Parsifal has the best midrange out there regardless of price. Resident speakers at Chesky records, Keith Jarret, dCs, It is a high-end best buy. Truly impressive bass too, controled all the way down to 20hz, better than most subs out there.Great with tube gear, I am lucky enough to own a pair (in piano black). The last loudspeaker system I will ever buy....
Jasont, would you mind telling us about the rest of your system? I first heard these speakers in the dcs room at this year's CES. While I was supposed to be concentrating on the differences between upsampling, dsd, etc., I only thought, "these speakers are amazing!" Unfortunately, I forgot to determine the non dcs parts of the system.
I have owned the Verity Parsifal Encore speakers for almost 2 years now and although I have updated virtually every piece of equipment I own, the Parsifals remain a corner stone of my system. I listen primarily to jazz. The Parsifals are the most musical speakers I have auditioned. I am particularily impressed with the way they reproduce the exacting tonal qualities of piano. As indicated in the post by Jason, Keith Jarret had the Parsifals upgraded to the Encore version and uses them in his home reference system! My system includes the Lamm M1.1 Amplifier, Audio Research REf 2 Mk II preamp, dCS Elgar and Purcell DAC, CEC TL0 transport, Magnum Dynalab 108 tuner and Audio Power Industries Ultra Wedge 116, Kimber Select Orchid digital cabling, Cardas Golden Cross interconnects and speaker cables. I consider the Parsifals to be in balance with the rest of my equipment ....I wouldn't trade them for any other speaker.

I am listening to a Fidelio. Any of you folks with the Parsifal have had a chance to compare them to the Fidelios?
Yes, Jaica. I started by auditioning the Fidelios. Remember that the rear-firing woofer is VERY room-sensitive. In my room I sit in a 7.5 ft triangle, with 8' BEHIND the speakers to the front wall. The Fidelios clearly were unable to generate enough upper bass to sound balanced. This was also true of the Parsifal Encores, but since their woofer pods are reversible, I found that setting them up front-firing was magical! However, if you can place the Fidelios out only a few feet from the front wall you may find them to be wonderful. As importantly: Note that the Fidelio uses a smaller (19 mm) tweeter. I found that the transition from the incredible midrange is not as cohesive as with the Encore. Measurements indicated less energy in the 3-5kHz region as well (remember, the crossover's at 5500Hz). The bigger tweeter in the Encore fills in better...even in the nearfield, where I listen. Interestingly, except for the bottom 1.5 octaves, the Encore sounds (and measures) flatter WITHOUT the bass modules in the upper bass to low mids! Unless you play lots of music loudly with low bass, you may find the Encore "Monitors" to be sufficient. They're clearly better sounding than the Fidelios, cheaper, and you can add the woofer pods later if you want the ultimate upgrade. I too have heard Lars et al state that the Fidelios are 80% of the Encores at 60% of the price, but I certainly didn't find that to be the case. If you can find a demo pair of Monitors for $4k, or full Encores for $8-9k
buy 'em, and forget the Fidelios. Just my opinion...but I so treasure these Encores coherence and midrange that I think it's better to build 'em incrementally if you have to rather than compromise....(I started my search out with Aerials, Nautilus (yech), Revel, Thiel, Fidelio, and finally the Encores.)
Note: I'm pretty sure my Encores roll off quite quickly below 30Hz...NOT 20! Nonetheless, subwoofers need not apply...the custom Dynaudio-produced 8" drivers Verity spec'ed are incredibly quick AND deep! Check 'em out. Good Luck! Ernie