verity audio parsifal

Has any one tried the Verity Audio's isolation platform that replaces the granite seperating the monitor from the woofer on the Parsifals?
I have not changed them but I did audition the ovation (with the aluminum platform)comparing it to my latest edition encores and could not tell a difference blinded. Now, set up was a little different but they sounded very similar. That being said, my Encores are nearing the 10 year mark, on thier 10th birthday I am going to send them to Verity for an overhaul, check all the innards and drivers, replace the grills with the new ones and go to the new aluminum platform. I plan on keeping the speakers at least another 10 years so for me it is worth it.
I have both the aluminum and the granite for mine -- but the upgrade was done by a previous owner, so I have not bothered to compared them. I will say, however, that I replaced all of the sorbothane pucks (a total of 16, four on each side) that go between the aluminum and the speaker components with "fat black dots" from Herbies Audio. A worthy improvement, for my money. Not a huge difference, but certainly appreciably improved clarity, precision and energy. Just wanted to throw that out there as an option -- whether you end up with the aluminum or not. (The sorbothane pucks that come with the aluminum are significantly more substantial than the little ones that are packaged with the granite -- but they can be replaced just the same). And, it turns out, the granite seperators are exactly the right size to fit under my amps. So, I chalked it up to fate, and that's where they now live.
I used the Symposium Svelte Shelves that are custom made for Parsifal's when I had mine. Go down to the bottom of that link page and you'll see where they make them specifically for the Parsifal. I only used the Svelte shelves between the cabinets, not the Ultra Platform underneath.

At the time I recall thinking it made a small difference, not easily audible, but a slightly better definition. Whether it was worth the $$$ or not is debateable.
Davt, what are you driving the Parsifals with? I'm using a low powered class A luxman.
Bjesien, sorry for my long delay in reply, the thread was lost to me for awhile. I drive my Verity Parsifals with Herron Audio M1A amps which sit of Stillpoint Mini SS installed. I use a Herron VTSP-3 r2 pre-amp and the VTPH-2 phono stage. All cables are Audience AU24se RCA and Powerchord SE with Audience Adept AR6. I use an Esoteric UX-3 CD player and a Highly modified Nottingham Spacedeck and Benz Gullwing SLR cartridge. I have auditioned other electronics with my Parsifals including Vitus integrated RI100, ARC Ref3/Ref110, VTL 5.5 II and 150 stereo amp. Nothing beat the Herron with Audience cables though the Vitus came close. I sit and listen to my stereo and smile, nothing to upgrade now.
Symposium makes an isolation platform thats the best on these speakers by far.