Verity Audio Opinions

I'm kind of intrigued with some of the things I've read about this company's well as a first hand report from a friend who heard the new entry level model (Tamino) at the Montreal show. Anybody out there own or heard Verity speakers......especially the smaller models, Fidelio or Tamino? I'm trying to find a `small footprint' speaker that can `rock' as well as doing the usual audiophile stuff (transparency, soundstaging, etc) for jazz, acoustic, etc.
The Verity Audio speakers are all fantastic when it comes to musicality, soundstaging and dynamics.

The Parsifal Encore has the deepest bass and most transparent sound, but the smaller brothers are also fantastic speakers at their price points.
The Varity is very nice but be sure to check out the Piega P-10 or 8 before pulling the trigger on any speaker in the 8000.00 to 30,000 range.Read Absolute Sounds recommended systems in the current issue placing the Piega in the best system.
The parsifal encores were my first choice to replace a pair of Loudspeakers that I have been listening since 1983, but alas they were a little too much $.

I am enjoying my new (used) purchase (Hales), but I still look at wistful eyes at the encores. Of further note that I have seen the encores listed in Audiogonas little as $6500 which in my view if a fantastic price (no, I'm not trying to do a shameless plug for Audiogon!).

Soneone even ranked the purity of the midrange as better than the pipedreams. Goodluck.
I've owned my Parsifal Encores a little over a year, and continue to be profoundly impressed. My 7' triangle nearfield setup in a 14x18x8 room required front-firing woofers, so an extensive audition with the rear-firing Fidelios was NOT successful. Be sure that if you're condidering them or the Taminos that you can set up using the front wall for reinforcement. If you can't, you're best off buying the top halves of the Encores (called "Monitors"), as they are even smoother than the whole Encore (!), and adding the woofer bases if affordable later, than trying to make the Fidelios or Taminos work without boundary reinforcement.
The widespread crossover points (150 and 5500Hz) result in incredible coherence in the nearfield, which is remarkable for a 3-way that's also flat in-room to 25Hz! The purity and speed of Verity's Dnaudio-sourced woofer and especially Skaaning-sourced midrange will astound you. Room placement
vis-a-vis sidewall glare-splatter is relatively forgiving, too, as the tweeter comes on late. I found the Encores as demos for $8k. A used pair of Monitors for $3500 or so would be a phenomenal option for the budget-conscious. Just be sure that if you're trying the Fidlio/Tamino that you work your room out carefully with an extensive home demo.
Note also that the Encores use a 4 ohm woofer, so will take much more power than the others (including the early 8 ohm Parsifal). Figure 150-200w/ch 4 ohms as a minimum for good
bass slam. Much less required for the others.
Note that Verity's drivers (at least for the Encores) are pair-matched VERY carefully, so be sure to buy consecutive serial numbers if getting used. Their imaging is thus unusually good, and if set up in the nearfield in a largish room will throw an incredibly deep soundstage. Their fit and finish and WAF-acceptable demure demeanor are pluses, too.
I couldn't be happier! The Encores will be lifelong buddies.
Sorry to rave...I've just returned from vacationing in Provence, and need to set up my just-arrived EMC-1 MkII once jetlag subsides. Hope my disjointed post is helpful. Ernie
I have owned the Fidelios for about a year now and have remained very pleased with the sound. At the time of purchase I had listened to the Merlin VSM SE, Audio Physic Virgo, Proac 2.5 and the Sonus Faber Electra Amator II. I choose the Fidelio because they combined the postive attributes of monitor's: focus, midrange clarity and soundstage with those of larger speakers: bass and midrange body. Before these speakers I had gone back and forth between floorstanders (Mirage M3Si) and monitors (Celstion SL600, Ariel Acoustics & Avalon Monitors, trying to get the best of both.