Verity audio finn

HiI have one pair of Verity audio finn speakers. I am curious which amp you use to drive them.Now I use the Spectral 180 but I feel too powerful.
Any suggestion ?
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I have listened to these driven by a bunch of amps and I almost bought them.  Very musical speaker.  I am considering buying a pair just to run during audio shows with my Art Audio Carissa Amp.  An 845 is an ideal tube to drive them. Midrange and treble that shines like the sun and really tight bass performance.  

What is your budget?  The 18w Art Audio Carissa will deliver 100dB in volume 10’ from the speakers at max power.

Another killer option would be the 45w Quartet moni-blocks.  Not sure if you have room for mono-blocks though.  104dB in volume at 10’.

I would take the spectral on trade for either amp if you are interested.  
Op there is no such thing as too much power on the contrary speakers blow from too little power and clipping. 

 If you are looking at making a change in your system you need to look at the entire playback chain and determine the weakest link! 

Spectral makes wonderful amplifiers which drive Verity speakers well!

Also tube amplifiers require maintainance, are noisy and generate considerable heat. That is not saying they dont sound good.

If you make a change do it for the right reason.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Agree the OP should change for the right reason.  Looking at the preamp and sources are important.  

 That being said, not all tube amps are noisy.  Art Audio is highly selective with its transformers to ensure the amps are absurdly quiet.  Part of that is driven by our amps mostly serving height efficiency (100dB+) speakers that are very sensitive to even the tiniest amount of transformer hum.

These auto bias, have solid state rectification and typical tube life is 3000 hours.  These are as good as it get with tube amps.  Replace the tubes every few years and it’s like you have a new amp.  

Also, these generate no more heat than a typical Class A amp.  That being said, Class A amps do generate a lot of heat.  
No verdant all tube amplifiers have a much greater amount of audible noise vs solid state amplifiers.

Even with the worlds best output transfomers you still have audibile noise. 

Listen to the best in solid state you will hear 0 noise through the speakers.
Not to mention there are a ton of great tube amplifiers as well.
Agreed that they are noisier than solid state but “noisy” is relative.  There are lots of tube amps that you hear the second you turn them on.  Others are really quiet.  Not as quiet as a fully balanced solid state, no question, but they don’t need to be noisy.  

Cheap tube amps have an audible hum from the transformers and lots of noise through the speakers.  Better amps with better transformers are much quieter.   
Verdant of course the amplifiers you import are magically quiet.

We have sold  many major brand of tube amplifiers out there, from Mastersound, Unision Research, ARC,Vac, Conrad Johnson, Manley Labs, Cary audio, and others.

We have sold Class A, Class A/B, push pull, single ended and hybrids.

All tube amplifiers have an inherantly higher noise floor compared to solid state devices, most audiophiles consider this part of the natural limitations of a tube amplifier.

We are not saying your tube amplifiers aren't good, but sheesh man, the first thing you do is hit on this guy to look at one of your amplifiers when the reason for him even moving out of the amplifier he has is silly.

The OP should evaluate all of his components and what he is trying to accomplish. If his Spectral amplifier is a good amplifier perhaps he needs to upgrade his source, or his preamp or his cabling.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

To the OP...I am sorry for this three getting hijacked and becoming a discussion about noise level of Tube amps. For all I know you hate tube amps, have no interest and either way I am sure you have several posts on your thread that aren’t helpful in solving your problem.

Regarding whether your motivation is silly...please elaborate on why your think you have too much power. My interpretation is that you are not loving the match you have. That is why I offered a different POV.

I have listened to these speakers driven by McIntosh SS (don’t know the model) and Tube (MC275), PrimaLuna Dialogue HP, Classe (their class D mono blocks) and Rogue (Stereo 100 and Hydra). I thought the Rogue Stereo 100 in Triode mode (~50w) sounded the best. I thought Classe’s class D I listened too sounded the worst. With the MC275 as the next best with the others in the middle.

Given that, my POV is that tube amps sound pretty darn good with those speakers and IMO, an 845 Tube I think would work really well.

Regarding noise, if you read, I am not even disagreeing with the other poster. Tubes are going to be noisier than SS.  I think mine are quieter than a typical tube amp.  IMO, not a radical claim. Whether that is a problem really is up to you and me and another poster arguing about how noisy they are isn’t going to help.

Sorry again for the hijack and good luck to you.