verity audio fidelio

I was recently gifted a pair of verity audio fidelio speakers. Will my Conrad Johnson MV75A1 amp/PV10 preamp drive these adequately?
Does your amp sound like its straining?
Fidelios are a pretty easy load. Very good speakers. Should be a good match.
Much easier to drive than the Parsifal's. If your CJ is at least 50 watts, that should be more than adequate.
Not a problem, should be a stunning set up.
Should sound very good.
I don't know....think I might need to hear it first to tell for sure, if that's possible.... (Yes, that should be great. I really would love to hear it. And a lovely gift, I might add.)
It WAS a lovely gift. I will be hooking everything up soon and will report back. Thanks for all the help.
So how did your CJ gear work out with these speakers???
I drive a pair of Fidelio Encores with a tubed Cary V12r. Works well in either triode (50w) or UL (100w). Shouldn't be a problem with your amp.