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Has anyone tested or own the Verity Audio Tamino or especially the Tamino Monitor? I am exploring the option of setting up a 2ch system using Spectral Audio components and am looking for a small monitor such as a Tamino or a Dynaudio S1.4. I am at the beginning of my search so any comments would be great.
I have heard the Verity at a local dealer. hard to beat.
The Tamino is a bit of a speaker searching for itself in the Verity line. Although it does share the same exquisite attention to details, it never really took off as much as their award-winning Parsifal and Fidelio.

Part of this can be explained by the X2 and X3 versions (was there an x1 ?) that have different bass properties. In some rooms, these are bass-heavy in other set-ups, one of these can be just perfect.

IF I were you I would phone the nice folks at Verity (Julian or Bruno) and ask them - not if there speakers are great, they are- but what are the specific caracteristics and the ,'whys'' for these different Tamino versions, as they do differ.

I am a past owner of Verity speakers, and I can attest to their greatness, although I feel the Tamino may be a bit pricey here.

Hope this helps !
I bought a used pair of Tamino 3 years ago.
I think they are really overpriced, you can get much better performances with cheaper speakers.
A Hyperion 938 for exemple is way better and you can buy 2 pairs for the price of 1 Tamino.

It's also very hard to find the good amp for those speakers...
To my ears, the best speakers out there.
Hard to beat but if you cast youe\r net wide enough you will defintely find more bang for the buck elsewhere.Great stuff but listen to others that fit your budget and size requirements asnd you may go with another brand.Hear I mention Ushjer which has copied the very best Scanspeak drivers so closely that scanspeak is suing them.I think that Verity is and excellnt product and I like it's pefromance in a compact package but you may find other companies that might save some money if it's and issue.I know it's mass market but DEQX has helped NHT make an amazing sub/sat sytem for $6K list that optimizes the all of the components used.The sophiosticated DEQX 2.6 pre/processor can make a $1500 speaker sound like a $10K model and unlike the NHT will correct the room it's in which as a rule has been up to 50% of the sound you get from your system and speakers.Chek out DEQX set it up if you can or hire one of the tecj\hs to set it up and you canbroaden the speaker brand considerably,exceed the Verity and ave money to boot.That said if I had a smaller enclosure that could not support large horns like Avantegardes and money wasn't an object the Veruity line especially the Parsiofals could be spoeakers I could live with forever.I am sure that with the smaller boxes you cann get the house sound and with a fast (non HT) sub you could have a hell of a set up with the Tamino's.I know this eesm like a contrdictory response but put simply I guess it's that they have wondefull products it's just that with new producst like say the Diamond series B&W 800 line you may be paying a premium for the sound.
Wow thanks for the great comments everyone! I do agree they are little pricey and will definitely have to audition them. I will let you all know the results.
One caveat: never look at how they measure. Oh, you never do that anyway, well good for you then you should audition the Reference 3A De Capo i also.
Hi Chazz,

Got your email, sorry to hear your email is down. Who on did you want me to post your question to? Is it

Let me know and I will send the email for you.
I recently auditioned the Tamino X2 and really liked it. They also agreed to build a pair in the Macore finish for a little extra money. I then auditioned a pair of dynaudio special 25's, about the same money as the Tamino. I fell in love with the Dynaudio's. Much Much bigger sound stage, sweeter mids and highs, greater depth and much lower and tighter bass. I bought the Special 25's. I do think that both are great speakers and the Verity's finish work is about the best there is. You are paying a premium for finish but I do not think that is a bad thing.
Hi Davt,

I am hearing more or less alot of what you have mentioned in your thread. I think the finish work is important to me but I really want the sound to be the number one feature obviously. Unfortuantely I think the Tamino will be to small for my room (17'x32').

I started the Thread because I like Verity products and was curious about their performance but I am leaning toward looking at Wilson Audio speakers at the moment and increasing my initial budget.
Redspectral, with all due respect, someone interested in Verity's sound and build cannot fall for Wilson, can he?!!!! if you increase your budget to match Wilson "Plutonian" asking price, may be you should be looking at a pair of Verity Parsifal or Avalon Opus. They would fill your room with music, no more no less.

I would love the Verity Parifal but 20K is not my budget. When I mentioned the Wilson line I actually meant the Sophia 2. As for the Avalon, I have not heard them yet. What don't you like
about the Wilson's? I think their finish is actually really nice....maybe not at Verity's level but close. As much as I like the Verity line I do feel you pay a premium for their finish. Anyhow I still have to go audition these speakers again. I also thought Wilson my be a great combo with Spectral . What do you think?
Redspectral I heard the Verity Fidelio as well as the Tomino and for whatever the reason the Fidelio trumped the tamino in terms of transparency and speed sounding very much like an electrostat across the midrange to treble region ie.seemless.I was- and still intend to make a pair of parcifals mine when funds will allow me to,[for sure]in discussing the sound of these fidelios with Mr Pelchant on the phone he explained to me the reason for this seemless transition was the moving of the crossover to 7 khtz. I believe he stated this was away from our ability to hear this in the midrange then using a underhung midrange driver custom made from audiotechnology providing a fast seemless sound,[ FREE RUNNING MIDRANGE] really about the best speaker Ive heard matched with Plinius SA102s and M8 preamp which is- [Plinius electronics, magnum dynalab, pioneer elite 730hdmi, transparent cables ect...]where I put my money into in the last year feeling a good front end is the place to start;however the Tominos just didnt have that magic that the fidelios had.Contrary to some I believe its the sound of these speakers that set them apart from the pack and they deserve partnering with the best ancillary equipment, the finish is georgeous and Im sure thats figured in but its hard for me to believe anyone sitting down listening to this speaker[fidelios or parcifals ] woudnt be stunned by the sound reproduction- I actually was heading down a hall at a dealerships after auditioning some Eggleston Andras for about three hrs. at another dealers when going down this hall I heard these in a side room and sorta said "WOW" and backed up and listened to these Fidelios with Plinius and a tubed Metronome cd for quite a while; mesmorising and unforgettable experiance/ next up for me!! REGARDS TIM W.
Redspectral, I was thinking you were hunting for a pair of used speakers and the original Parsifal can be had for less than $7000 (not the Encore). I agree also that the Fidelio are a class act and close to Parsifal (not as low) for a lot less ($3500-$4,000). Wilson fail to move me the way a Verity or Avalon does, music does not flow as naturally but this is my modest opinion and may well be gear dependent. $ for $, I would have a hard time picking a Wilson over one of my two favorite brands. Good luck.

Sorry I have been all over the place with my thoughts regarding my speaker selection. I actually am looking to buy new. The two brands I am looking at are Wilson and Verity. I have a really large room they will be in so at first I thought the Tamino but think it will be to small...because of this I will be looking at the Sophia 2, Duette and the Fidelio. Parsifal Encores would be phenomenal but they are a little over my intended budget. I did hear them with a all spectral setup and I thought they were great! :)
What about Tyler Acoustics? with the 30-day trial, I would not buy any speaker without auditioning his but living in Canada makes the whole trial period a nightmare with custom. The Woodmere are said to be as good as any speaker this side of the Milky Way (!) for $12k. Even lower in the line (Linbrook Signature) you get astonishing speakers for the price of ONE Wilson Sophia or Verity Parsifal ($5,500...!). In a room your size, Woodmere must sing like few others.
Check this thread:
Well I just came back from my audio dealer and had a great time auditioning some of the speakers mentioned. I had a chance to listen to the Wilson Sophia 1 against the Verity Audio Fidelio....I brought my wife also to give a second opinion. Well all I have to say is the Wilson Sophia was fantastic! I auditioned with a full Linn system and the Sophia was just great. It was fuller bodied than the Fidelio, great tight bass, vocals were smoother and just overall soundstage was better. I am sure the Fidelio is a fine speaker but in this case it just was a matter of preference and the Sophia just suited me better.

I had the B&W 802D at my house on demo and the Sophia was better IMO. One thing that struck me is that at lower listening levels the Sophia retained so much detail where as the B&W's really wanted to be cranked up to get their full potential. I thought the bass was tighter and cleaner on the Sophia compared to the 802D's.

All the speakers I have listened to have been great but really a matter of taste as to which one would suit an individual. I am now considering purchasing a new pair of Sophia 2's.....I just have to get the courage to plunk down the cash as this is probably my biggest audio investment. I will be spending this week thinking about it.
Thanks for all the comments and advice!
Congratulations. Sounds like you are clear about what you liked and are on your way to making the choice that's right for you. Don't let any of these knuckleheads talk you out of something you genuinely like. :-)
"Sophia just suited me better"
Happy you found what you wanted and remember that what other people think is somehow irrelevant in audio, especially Audiogoners...!
Thanks Drubin and Beheme,

This forum has been great for getting fresh opinions and different perspectives on audio gear. It has been a fun experience for me as I consider myself more a music lover than an audiophile. In the last few months I have really been trying to find what I think is my sound or the sound I am after. My wife and I are amazed at how the sounds differ from component to component.

I think all the products I have auditioned from B&W,Verity,Linn,Wilson have been fantastic, but like I said it really comes down to what suits you the most and the music you listen to.

Anyhow I look forward to continued chats hear on Audiogon as I have just started rehauling my system. Up next probably a dedicated high end CD player. Once again thanks for comments and opinions.
Congratulations Redspectral, I owned a pair of Avalon Opus for 7 years then B&W 800 for 1 year and now have a pair of Watt Puppy 7s. There is no comparison. The Wilson's are in a different league. Every person who has heard them agrees.