Verdier with Teres motor or else


I would like to know the opinion of someone who has improved his Verdier removing the standard motor provided by Verdier by a TERES motor or any different motor ( redpoint .... or else).

What are the differences and in wich proportion ?


I haven't replaced my motor. However, I have bought a Battery PSU from GT Audio ( in the UK, which has transformed the Platine. I think Galibier makes something similar in the US. If not, ask Graham Tricker at GT Audio in the UK (email
Did you ever tried something else than the rubber belt?

Those who have replaced their Verdier standard motor by a Redpoint or a Teres use a mylar's seems the motor rotation is more accurate with it.

Hello Tenmus,

I've been thinking about doing something similar as well with my Verdier. Have you seen the modifications to the Verdier being offered by Graham Tricker of GT Audio? This is the route that I'm almost certain to take. Mr. Tricker has designed a battery based power supply, fully endorsed by Mr. Verdier, as well as a new motor housing that he claims - as he should - greatly improves an already great table. I'm certain of the benefits of going to a battery based/DC power supply. GT Audio also offer a range of exotic hardwood arm boards, which I'm tempted to buy as well. Check out his site. It's just another option.
my friend replaced his Verdier motor, with a VPI 300 rpm motor, and he likes the difference.

The GTA Battery PSU is a super upgrade for the Platine and increases the dynamic range significantly - background noise disappears completely. The motor housing reduces vibration and audible noise from the motor (which is minimal generally). The first upgrade should be the PSU, which really does transform the TT.

As for drive material, I just use the linen thread on mine.