Verdier Platine turntable?

Does anyone have experience with the Verdier Platine turntable? How would you evaluate it with respect to the SME 20 (or 30), the Walker, and other exotica, not only in terms of sound, but in reliability, service, etc.?
The first thing to do is to make sure it is a real one. There have been reports of counterfeit Verdier La Platine turntables going around.
I owned a Verdier with a Graham 2.2 tone arm and it is a wonderful turntable. Very critical that is well isolated to minimize resonances. The Graham worked quite well in this combination.
I sold it to purchase the Walker, which is in another universe in terms of performance. As good as the Verdier is, the Walker sets the high water mark. Everything takes on another diminsion, i.e. bass slam, depth of sound stage, layering of instruments and the natural sweetness that pours out of the turntable. Lloyd Walker is a huge resource and walked me through the fine tuning of this table.
Though I do not have a verdier a good friend does and it is a very interesting table. Engineering wise it is fascinating. Appearance wise it is very nice to some but a bit industrial for others given its price tag. With regards to sound i would rank it very highly though have not ever heard a walker. It compares very favorably in my mind to other hi end tables like the vpi (but have not heard the new top of the line) and others. With regards to reliability it is very straight forward and there is not much to go wrong but it does need careful set up. At the price point it is not inexpensive and you don't see many come up for sale but when you do the price can be a lot more reasonable (around 5). Hope this is of some help. If you wanted to chat with my friend who has one drop me a note and I will see what I can do
Own a Verdier Platine for about 7 years now, before this I also owned the Platine Nouvelle.
To discribe this table,I think would be best to say it has no colouration or any 'character' at all.
You just listen to the arm and element combination. period.
If the arm and element have a certain signature, so be it.
the moment you change arm and element, you may find something completely different.
This table is the perfect reviewers tool.
through the years my love for this TT has grown to an amazing respect and reward.
set up and tuning are very straight forward, but understanding of it's basic principles are needed.

I would very recommend doing the battery supply modification, this elevates the performance yet again, it concerns timing, pace, and sound as well.
leave the Philips motor, it is actually a very expensive motor.

For me it is the very last TT I will ever buy, mind you that the Verdier Platine has been manufactured almost 25 years with the same basic concept.
In comparison to the SME 20 / SME 30 ,
I think these are very high tech made products with imacculate finish, but have a veiled and technically presentation, especially when partnered with the SME 4 and 5 arms.
sorry, but I was never really inspired with these TT.
that accounts for the Linn LP-12 as well.

The Verdier Platine matched with any Schroeder arm is an vinyl lovers wet dream, it is so utterly musically and involving, made to match.


for much more on this

regards and keep the vinyl spinning. Ron
I have a Platine with Schroeder model 2 and Allaerts MC1B. The Platine is fantastic. I would agree with Tuboo. One of the best TTs ever made.