Verdier Graham and Shelter???

I am about to buy a Verdier and my cartidge is a Shelter 901.

Now I am loocking for a tonearm wich could match both Verdier and Shelter.

I know that the Shroeder DPS or REFERENCE could be a possible combo but delivery time is several months.

Is the Graham 2.2 a possibility?

Does somebody have an idea ?


A Moerch DP6 with 12" Red wand should do the trick nicely. The Moerch is often paired with the PV.

Verdier....great turntable...Are you going to get the magnetic suspension version?
Most of the advance audiophiles using the Verdier with SME3012 and Denon DL-103 but you can always find a combo which is suit to your taste.
I have a Verdier/Ikeda/Benz Ruby combo I love.
Yes Idle I am going to get it with magnetic suspension version .
Thank you Dave and Bigbucks5 for your answers.

I see you all use long tonearm is it absolutely necessary?

I suppose that they are heavier than 9" tonearms so they are automatically matched with low compliance cartridges ? ( am I right ? )

In that case would my shelter 901 be a good choice .(regarding compliance) with longs tonearms or is it also possible to have good results with a 9"with the Verdier?


PS : I am leaving for Paris today I' ll be back on saturday
Have a good week...
It is certainly not necessary to use a long arm on the Verdier, but a 12" arm can easily fit on this table. The general issue of 9" vs. 12" arms has been discussed frequently. Do a search for the pros and cons. All I can say is that the 12" wand on the Moerch DP-6 is supposed to sound better than the shorter wand. I haven't done the comparison myself. I just went with a known winner. Actually I first heard the 12" Moerch at my dealer on a Verdier. This is his standard setup for the PV.

The longer wand on the DP-6 definitely does not lock you into low compliance cartridges. The Moerch wands are available in different masses so you can match the right wand to your cartridge. The 12" Red is the medium mass version that seems to mate well with a wide variety of cartridges. There is a Blue wand that has more mass and would be better with low compliance models. I would think the Red would do fine with your Shelter 901.

Good luck on your selection!

I heard from different owners, that the TriPlanar is an excellent match for the very most MMass TT's.
Honestly, Verdier and Graham is rare to see ( I only saw one, but it is fine ), but anyway, the is not much to do wrong with those components.
Dear Tenmus: The Dave advise about the Moerch tonearm is a very good one and the DP 6 can match easy with the Shelther cartridges.
Btw, if you are thinking on the Verdier ( great TT ) I think that you could give a further step in your analog quality sound reproduction changing your 901 for a 90X .

Regards and enjoy the music.
I agree with all the above arm suggestions. I'd choose a Moerch DP-6, a TriPlanar VII or any Schroeder over a Graham 2.2 for use with a low compliance cartridge like a Shelter. The SME IV and V are also excellent on a Verdier.

The PV is, as Raul said, a wonderful table. It should be the last TT you'll ever need to buy. Give it the best arm you can afford and you'll be set for life. The DP-6 is especially tempting due to those interchangeable wands. It should be able to handle nearly any cartridge you'll ever own.

I also agree with Raul that, when time and budget allow, a Verdier and a good arm will well repay the investment in a better cartridge than a 901. I may not completely agree with the one he suggested though. ;-)
Dear Doug: As you know there are several cartridge options. I mentioned the 90X because I think that he likes the Shelther sound: that's all.

Regards and enjoy the music.
If you want a Schroeder Reference, try GT Audio (+44 1895 833099) in the UK (UK Schroeder distributor). He has an ex demo Reference for sale.
Hi Tenmus,

One of the advantages of the Verdier, I have found, is that it works well with just about every tonearm with which you might want to pair it. For example, I have had success with the VPI JMW-12, SPJ La Luce, and Graham 1.5t. [FYI - I am currently running the SPJ and VPI arms, with the Crown Jewel SE (basically a Shelter 501 Mk II) and will be installing a Zyx Airy 3s-XB]. Thus, I would place more emphasis on matching your Shelter with an appropriate arm.

I do not think you could go wrong with the Graham 2.2, but would recommend you check out the VPI 12.5 Signature - the VPI is the least colored arm I have used with the Verdier. I have also heard that the Verdier/Schroeder Reference is a stunning combination, but I have no personal experience with it.
don't forget to consider a straight line tracker? air tanget, clearaudio, etc.

I thank you all for your advices,at least the Verdier seems to be a good choice.Concerning the arm,thanks to you ,it will be more easier now for me.

Have all Happy Hollidays
Tennus, I have a Shelter 90X on a Graham 2.2, and it has knocked the socks off several audio curmudgeons. But then if you have the money, Bob Graham has the new Phantom arm...
Hi everybody

I have searched some infos on the different tonearms you advised me last week, it seems there is an important difference of price between the Morch DP6 12" and the others ( tri planar,shroederer or graham).

The Morch for me in Europa is much less expensive than the others(2000 dollars),the tri planar is 6700 dollars the shroeder Dps is 4000 dollars for example

So does the difference of price worth it between a Moerch DP6 and aTri planar or a shroeder Dps ?

Dear Tenmus: In my opinion the DP-6 is an excellent tonearm: very good design and very well build. It compete with the best out there: Triplanar, Brinckman, Shroeder, simon yorke, etc, etc.

As a fact this tonearm has a " low profile " because is " inexpensive ". If this tonearm had a 4K price then everybody want it.

This is the best performance-price ratio in the tonearm industry: it is a " great bargain ".

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Tenmus,
I have Platine Verdier with a GT Audio Battery PSU (which transforms the PV to an even higher plane - similar to the Galibier PSU in the US). I have a Schroeder Model 2 (original carbon wand) and Allaerts MC1B, which works really well. Before that I used my old Hadcock 228 with initially a Decca London Gold and then the Allaerts. I have also heard the PV with a SME 3012 as well as both the Schroeder Reference and DPS. They all sound different, but great. The best value is the Schroeder Model 2, as it is much cheaper than the DPS or Reference and will give you an excellent arm for much less money. I would use the money to buy a Battery PSU as this lowers the noise floor vene further on the PV and increases the dynamic range even further.
As we say in England, 'you pays your money and makes your your choice'.
Good Luck
Thank you David and Charlie

Happy Holidays

I agree with topoxforddoc about the battery. I have compared the battery and 3 different wall-powered supplies on my Galibier. For my money, the battery makes a huge improvement.

I have also heard the same battery vs. wall-powered supply comparison on a Platine Verdier at a friend's house and I heard the same types of differences as with my Galibier.

Not all persons will agree, however. My friend with the PV prefers the stock wall-powered supply over the battery. The AC supply is faster, tighter, and a bit more extended in the highs and lows. What I hear with the battery is more detail, more subtleties, more dynamic contrasts, and a richer, warmer tonal balance that suits my tastes to a T.

You really should consider the Ikeda IT407 (12 inch arm). Pricing is real world compared to many other top quality tonearms (was $2150, but now price is $2400).

To me, it has the best quality fit and finish of any arm I've ever examined, including SME, which is often used as a benchmark in this area. Plus its design is very 'finished' looking, as opposed to lots of other arms that look like garage-shop kits. Personally, I like the interchangeable headshell feature, although many dislike this.

No only does it perform faultlessly on the PV, but it looks fantastic on the table. When Lamm was demonstrating a Final labs 'Parthenon' TT at the 2005 CES in LV, he used an IT407. Seems like Ikedas are a well kept secret since there is no US importer (at least not one I can find). I got mine through '2juki' here at A'goN (or alternatively off his Ebay store).
Dear Bigbucks: I totally agree with you . The Ikeda tonearms out perform almost any of the best tonearms out there for a fraction of price, but as I understand André already buy the Triplanar.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Raul,

Have you compared the Ikeda with the older FR66 and 64 etc.? If yes, what is your feeling about them?


Hi Bigbucks

I have effectively finally bought a Tri planar that I 'am expecting now for the end of this week.
However , can you tell me what cartridges suit the Ikeda 12" ?
The Verdier has two armboards and perhaps someday...

I'm using a Benz Micro Ruby 3H 'Open Aire' with my Ikeda. Great sound!
Dear Michael: Yes, as a fact the arm wand is the same and the design is very similar, where there are differences is on the headshell of the Ikeda that is better than the FR and in the internal wiring that too is better on the Ikeda. The performance is almost similar if the FR bearing is in very good condition.

One advantage with the Ikeda tonearms is that is a current model with warranty. I like it.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Raul,

Thanks for your answer. The reason I asked is that I have a FR64S and a FR64Fx. The 64Fx is a very late model, which is silver in color. It was NOS when I got it about 3 years ago, and I have since changed the internal wiring to ClearAudio. I am using either a Orsonic or ClearAudio headshell with them. I was thinking of trying out an Ikeda, but base on your comment, I may just relax, sit back and listen to more music.

Thanks again,