Verdier and Amazon

Has anyone compared these two or listened to either? I'm thinking about getting one of them; currently using the ARC Ref phono stage, Magnepan speakers, and have the Linn LP 12 fully updated.
Gladstone, got to be carefull if buying a used Verdier. There are many knock offs that didn't get the bearing right. Its a beautiful top of the heap table. You would be on top of the world with a few others looking down. There are two models. The top model is the one. I prefer the look of the JCV over the Basis D. No outdated comtemperary house here. A style that will never bore.
There is a dealer in my area, so I wouldn't be buying it used. It looks and sound quite good, to my ears and eyes.

Is the Linn not doing something that you feel it should?
When you say fully updated do you mean with the Lingo?

You should also consider the Teres. See
Similar design, and a sound to match the Verdier at a fraction of the cost.

Happy spinning,

Just have the upgrade urge. The LInn sounds good, but has been surpassed.
I listened to both of them. The Amazon is a nice table, but it don't reach the Verdier's quality.
Here in Europe the Verdier is very well known and respected among anaolg enthusiasts.
The Linn is by far no match for both of them.

The Best 3 turntables I ever listened to was a Platine Verdier with SME Arm ( the old one with a SPU Gold Ortofon Cartridge, ) a Well Tempered Super with the full mods from Marigo and a Basis Debut V vacuum with a Graham 2.0.

I think the Verdier is a real classic and the owner owns a unit which will satisfy him for years to come.

It is made from a Genius.

I own the Basis above, but there are some excellent records players out there.

The Verdier is absolutely in this group.