Verdict on Pure Note, Ridge Street w solid state ?

Can anyone share their experiences with these cables on Solid State equipment ? basics are Integra Research Digital pre amp, Classe 301 Amp and Legacy Signature III speakers.
The question is have Silver based interconnects and speaker cables reached the point where solid state usuers can enjoy the extra detail of silver w/o the harshness and listenening fatigue of earlier designs ? Also if anyone ever tried out Stealth UR , silver based speaker cables your thoughts are appreciated . Gracias !
Pure Note and Ridge Street both work well on higher end SS (such as yours) and tube equipment with out harshness.

I personally settled for the Ridge Street for a number of different reasons.

Light weight, exceptional realistic sound and dynamics, no harshness etc. It's all in my review.

These silver cables are different from what Silver cables use to be. One must try it to hear and believe the difference.
I agree with Lak. Just finished a home audition of Ridge Street cables in my system. Speaker cables , IC's and digital cables .My system is SS system , Krell KSA-100 Mk.II , ARC SP-9 Mk. II, Mirage M-3 speakers.In one word , "Fantastic" ! They sounded natural,detailed,great soundstage ! They made my system sound like "New" again !Tell you the truth, I would never of believed what they did.Had me "Dance'in"! I would recommend to anyone that they give Ridge Street Audio cables an audition in their system ! I know I'm happy I did, and I'm "Still Dance'in" !!
I have used both with great results in a SS system in a small room.

I would also suggest trying a pair of both Ridges Streets cable versions, Midnight Silvers and Symphonia Master to see which works best for your taste. They are both very similar with the Symphonia Master being a touch warmer ( in my system ) that the Midnights Silvers. If you system tends towards brightness the Symphonia wouldn't be a bad idea to try.Good Luck
The Ridge Street Midnight Silvers are wonderful with my solid state gear. Everything improved. No edge, no harshness and no listening fatigue. Great product. I too appreciate their light weight and no nonsense appearance.
Do a search on my many posts for Pure Note. Their newer version four blows away their older products. They finally got rid of the slight silver glare and thinness. The cables are quite musical now and actually sound better than my Siltech Compass Lakes ($7000 interconnects).

Sonic Genius' Reference Stereo System a/o July 2003:

Martin-Logan Prodigy speakers.
Krell FPB400cX power amp. Modified with IEC power inlet.
Krell KCT preamp.
Sony SCD-1 SACD player.

Sutherland PHD phono preamp (battery).
VPI TNT-HR-X turntable, JMW 12.5 tonearm.
Grado Statement phono cartridge.

Pure Note Epsilon Reference XLR, RCA cables. Rev. 4.0
Pure Note Epsilon Reference speaker cables. Rev. 4.0
Siltech Compass Lake XLR interconnects.
Some might wonder,"What cables did old Wolfy use before he tried the Ridge Street Midnight Silver Gen. II cables?". The cables were Zu Wax for speakers, Zu Warmouths for IC's,and a Stereovox HDXV for digital (that a recent addition).I used Zu for over a year and a half. IMHO very good cables, but the Ridge Street cables just sounded sssoooooo much BETTER ! As they say: Try before you buy !
My system is all solid state and the Ridge Street Audio cables perform wonderfully. Lak said it very succintly:

exceptional realistic sound and dynamics, no harshness

I have two sets of MSE and had Robert make me two more. My moded 1200 will also be rigged with them things...

Sonic Genius, how come you only surface during these threads?
Dear Darrylhifi, I used the Stealth UR silver ribbons for awhile and found them to be exceptional with both tube and solid state amps. Considering the price I paid at auction they were the deal of the century for me. I recently sold them for about what I paid for them. My new speaker cables cost 10 times the amount of the Stealth UR's , that should give you some idea how good they are. The only concern I had with them was very infrequently I would pick up a stray radio signal from a nearby radio tower. So if you live near a large transmitter I would not use them. Dredster
Hi Darrylhifi, I stand firmly in the Ridge Street camp. I've ownd Robert's MSE gen11 series of IC's, speaker cables and digital cables for over 2 months now. These cables are outstanding in transmitting a balanced full range signal that will only be as bright as your system will allow it to be, they won't add or subtract anything. I find the Midnight Silver Series to be just the ticket to complement my Butler amps, Sunfire TG3 processor, and Odyssey Lorelei's. I especially like the MSE gen11 digital cables of which I own 2, a very dynamic eye opening experience. Regards, Robin
I truly believe in Robert and the Ridge Street products.
With that said I have one question for Psychicanimal; because the same people seem to post to Ridge Street product questions, does that make YOU, me and the others, Ridge Street CULT FOLLOWERS?
Best regards...
Tried one MSE interconnect. Loved it. Bought more for whole system. Loved them. Auditioned MSE speaker cables. Loved them. Bought them. Sitting in a cult-induced trance. More music. More music. Meepzorp. Take my kids. Take my wife, (please). Transfer my estate to Robert. More music. More music.

Like, hey man, where is the next cult meeting?

(McCormack SS amp, Herron tube line stage, K & K tube phono stage. BTW, I tried both the Pure Notes VERSION FOUR and the MSE in my system. I had the Pure Notes and the MSE at the same time and did a pretty lengthy comparison. I really did like the Pure Notes and hated parting with them. BUT, I liked the MSE's IN MY SYSTEM better. A better bass representation, a bit more detail and a good deal more LIVE PRESENCE to the music, which is what I think MSE's are all about.)
Poeima XLR and Speaker Cables are coming. Two questions.
Is there any hazing requirement in order to be in the cult and when the silver is truly broken in Will I be able to see dead People ?
Only the Psychic knows!
I see dead racoons on the road sometimes when I'm driving to our meetings. I see very big ones when I wear I/Cs around my head. BTW, no hazing. But, you must be able to take 2 amps at 120 volts while standing in a tub of water and wearing a wet t-shirt for 60 seconds without jerking around. We used to require new members swallow a fully charged high voltage, large value capacitor but membership dropped quite a bit so we changed it. I must say that our present initiation proceedure is making for some new members being excellent Christmas light shows! Come check us out if you're out driving around looking at the different residential Christmas light displays!
Im not saying I wont agree to the above, only I want certain assurances that the volts will be delivered via dedicated outlets, properly grounded , with the blades of the plug wiped down with pro gold or a suitable equivalent.
If Im going to die, I must demand it will be with clean Power !
Darryl more power to you.
Im gonna fry , but I didnt tell no lie. Get me Johnny Cochran.
In my system...

VPI TNT V / JMW 12.5 / XYZ 1000 Airy
Pass Labs Aleph Ono
Wadia 23 (used as transport)
Audiomeca Enkianthus Dac
Pass Labs X1 pre-amp
Bryston 7 Bsst
B&W Matrix 802/S III
Velodyne HGS 18/II
Pure Note ICs
Acoustic Zen MC2 or Signal Cable AES/EBU digital cable.
Harmonic Technolgy Pro-9 biwired
Signal Cable power cords
Powervar ABC 1200-11 power conditioner (for digital front-end only)
All dedicated lines, hospital-grade outlets.
DIY room treatments (traps of various shapes and sizes for a 18x30 with 10ft ceiling, listening room)

...the Pure Note ICs (version 4) are simply extraordinary!
At first I was afraid of all that silver and the harshness it could introduce but, after the usually brief break-in period, there has never been anything but clarity and beauty coming out of the speakers. Imaging in large orchestral scores is almost a "visual experience." Large dynamic contrasts are delivered effortlessly without smearing. Yet, smaller-scaled music like jazz quartets or solo vocal recitals are also within the "comfort zone," The cables seem to respond well to all dynamic extremes and are never fatiguing even with some of the worse digital recordings I own. I listen to classical music (orchestral, opera, and solo- instrumental), jazz and some old-time-rockers in case that information matters to some readers (in fact, I am surprised that this info is not shared very often in most equipment discussions on this site).

I have previously owned fine-sounding cables from Harmonic Tech (Pro Silways MK. 2), Nordost (Red Dawn), and Acoustic Zen (Silver Ref.) Since the day I put the Pure Note throughout my system, I have never replaced them! The only non-Pure Note are the Harmonic Tech Pro-9 biwires (I have always liked the sound of these with the B&Ws) and the Acoustic Zen MC2 and Signal Cable digital cables (excellent performers, both). At a later date, when time permits, I hope to audition the Pure Note speaker cables.

I have also found the service provided by the Pure Note folks in Nevada pleasant and very professional. Delivery of all items has been very fast and accurate. They answer e-mails quickly and keep you informed of shipping details.

I know there are many good cables in the market and auditioning them would be a sincere joy if time was not so limited for this very-addictive hobby. I was lucky that I found these Pure Note cables based on recommendations here on Audiogon and that my leap-of-faith in them paid off so handsomely.

Best wishes for the holidays to all and thanks for the invaluable advice and help during the past year.
My vote also goes to Pure Note. I have listened to their cables on both tube and solid state gear. The cables are smooth yet dynamic. IMO, there is no cable on the market, even at 4x the price, that compares to Epsilon Reference version four. Pure Note hit a home run with the version four as the earlier versions were somewhat bright and thin. I applaud their efforts for continuing research and product refinement.
Which is the overall best, sonically, between Ridge Street Audio, Pure Note, and Pure Silver Sound interconnects and speaker cables? Anyone compared all three?
Can someone please comment where these cables put the soundstage: up in front or far behind the speakers...for example, I read that Acoustic Zen cables puts the singer further back while Audience cable present the singer front and center.

Hi Souporhero.

With our offerings, the soundstage perspective has more to do with the electronics than the cables themselves so it's hard to say. What I can tell you is that regardless of perspective, the soundstaging our cables allow is very palpable. Providing it's in the recording and the gear can be faithful to the recording, you should experience a soundstage that portrays a very realistic depth of imaging that also reveals convincing front to back layering. Lateral imaging is excellent also. Simply put, the Ridge Streets are very capable of a realistic dimensional soundstage. One recording I enjoy and use as a reference in this regard is Harmonia Mundi's recording of La Folia. Charmingly playful and a very good recording that can be quite instructive.

Hope that's helpful.

Kind Regards,