verdict on class D amps?

I saw a thread about seymour ice amps.... anyone have any experience with these compared to conventional amps? I was planning on picking up a used pair of bryston 7st or a single 14 st however for similar money (& power) the new ice 50001 is available. In car audio there it doesn't seem like class D is very good except for sub duty. Is the same true for home stuff? Presently I have a adcom GFA5500 which was going to get thrown on rear surrounds & I was going to use parasound HCA1500 on my speakers untill I can afford something newer/better for my old infinity kappa 8.1 speakers

I'm wondering how good the new Wired 4 Sound models are compared to the Rowland, Bel Cantos and Spectrons of the world?

I have a pair of PSB Stratus Gold i's in my second system. I believe they are a classic. I recently added a new power amp and preamp for that system. I am using the Audio Research LS 17 tubed preamp and Audio Research 100.2 amp. My speaker cables are Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval biwires.

These upstream revisions have brought the PSB's to a new level of performance. I strongly recommend that you try the AR LS 17 as your preamp. If possible, give them an audition. Best of luck in your search.