Verbatim Interconnects need someone to fix the end

I have a set of Verbatim interconnects that I drunkenly broke the small copper piece inside the connector off on recently, FYI there is a lesson there :) Paul Garner is not with Vonschweikert any more I think. Anyone know how to get in touch with him? If not can anyone recommend someone who could fix the end of the interconnect for me?

Thanks for you help. Been a long time since I posted here. Used to be a regular many years back.
Where are you located? Someone near you may be able to offer assistance. Simple fix even if not real handy.
Unfortunately not a simple fix for people used to the standard connector end. This is not a typical end. It is copper only with no metal in the connection except the small copper peice inside the tip. I took it to a local shop in louisville and they said they couldn't fix it. If anyone knows who could be of help please let me know.
FYI I am in ky