Verastarr FR-8 Monitors

Has anyone seen and / or heard these monitor speakers using a full range fostex drivers? Comments, review, recommendation?
Hello I've haven't heard this particular speaker.But have heard the Fostex 206E driver used in this speaker. I have a friend that owns a pair of F200a Fostex based monitors. He's planning to sell them for personal reasons(GAF).LOL
To big for his bedroom.

They are basically new.The speakers were built by John Kalinowski AKA JohnK on Agon or Kloss on Audioasylum.Extreme Audio.If you haven't heard of this driver .It's the top of the line Fostex driver.I think he told me he would sell them for $1100. The drivers alone cost $750 a pair.You'll need atleast 30wpc.. 50wpc or more would be better to drive them.This is a different league compared to the 206E or 207E Fostex($175 a pair).Much more linear driver with a more laid back character.Most drivers need complicated crossovers to achieve what this driver does in it's raw state. This is the kind of speaker you could listen to all day without fatigue.
This whole topic is in another league for me. I feel very lost. Ive listened to maggies (own a pair now) and very refined dynamic speakers (loved just too expensive). I really dont even know how or where to start here. I take it that you probably dont recommend a speaker based on the Fostex 206E then (smile).
Not necessarily Lightfla. The Fostex 206E/207E aren't bad drivers. The point was for what Verastarr FR-8 Monitors cost. You could get the cream of the crop Fostex Monitors for roughly the same amount of money.

Now if your planning to use a low wattage amplifier(meaning flea power like 5 wpc). Then you need not apply the F series Fostex drivers to the equation.
I've owned the Maggies also. I agree they're terrific speakers.They will always be one of my favorites.

If possible you may want to try and get a listen at different designs of single driver speakers.This will be the only way you know if they will work for you. Just like any other speaker..their not for everyone.

What is it that you hope to accomplish with the sound in your room? Is there certain types of music you listen too that you feel may work with the SDs? You have so many companies to choose from and different designs.You may like the open baffle design where the drivers aren't inside an enclosure.This will sound similar to the maggies but on a smaller scale.One of the first differences you'll notice between what single drivers excel at verses maggies. Is the vividness of the soundstage. String instruments,horns and voices seem much more alive. The palpability factor really increases. The quivering voices of singers and the sounds of the trumpet player pushing the valve buttons as he plays are two examples.I suggest you start here Single Driver speakers. From here you can get an idea of what your looking for. And decide what's important to music reproduction for you.