venustas or jps superconductor 3 speaker cable?

i want to buy a big speaker cable, i have a dynaudio C1 confidence speaker, i'm between a venustas revision praesto speaker cable and jps superconductor 3, which is the best, your opinion please
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Just a few comments here. The Purist Venustas and JPS Superconductor 3 are two very different sounding speaker cables. I own the Superconductor 3 and have auditioned the Venustas in my system before. The JPS is a relatively more neutral sounding cable that very clearly reveals detail without being analytical or bright. It also showcases a very nice sense of 3-dimensionality. Compared with the JPS, the Venustas displays a warmer sound, with a very relaxing tonal presentation of many instruments, particularly from the midrange on down. For me, it seems just a bit too rolled on the top, thereby occasionally dampening the music's sense of life. It is a more laid back sounding cable. I like that, but I also simultaneously want as much clarity as I can get. Nonetheless, there are aspects of the Venustas' sound that I find most beguiling. It possesses the ability to mimic the sound of the violin and many other orchestral instruments in a manner rarely captured by other cables. The JPS just happened to meld more synergistically with my system, which by the way includes the extremely fine Purist Proteus Provectus tonearm cable. This cable has the wonderful qualities of the Venustas without what I feel is the latter's minor shortcoming. Notwithstanding my personal observations or impressions, I strongly urge you to contact The Cable Company and secure an audition of both the JPS and Venustas and/or possibly Provectus cable[s] in your home system. You need to listen for yourself and determine what satisfies you most. Best of luck.
I just realized you're considering the revised Praesto version of the Venustas, which I have not heard. It might possibly offer a more extended top than the earlier Venustas. Also, my Provectus is the one which preceded the current Praesto incarnation. Still, the key is to decide for yourself after a good listen.
Hi, Opus88 has great comments above and I can't offer the direct comparison like he does.

I have tried the Praesto revision vs non Praesto revision Purist cables. The Praesto is a little more quiet, allowing more detail and imaging. Plus it's a little more dynamic and a little more extended. All of my listening has been on Proteus Provectus (the two revisions)

It's not huge, but it's a definite improvement. I am a huge fan of the Proteus Provectus Praesto. I've had Venastus, Dominus Ferrox, and 20th anniversary before. All are good. The Venastus is a great value and like Opus says, I suspect the Praesto improves it.

System matching is critical in cables. Just because I love it doesn't mean it meshes with your system and your likes/dislikes. That said, PAD has my vote...
As a C1 owner I compared the S3 to the Nordost Heimdall and Frey's. I thought the S3's were equal in the high end. The S3's were a little laid back in the mids. But what made me decide on the Frey's were 2 fold. First the Nordost has a hair more detail/clarity which although at first listen seemed to be a 'thin' sounding cable. The longer I listened the more I heard more 'air' between the instruments and vocals which made for a better sound stage. Second the bass. Only when listening to deep kettle drums did the Nordost really shine. The S3's sounded more like a thump than a drum. I even took the cables to a friends system and heard the same thump. So that thump wasn't my electronics or room.

I was lucky to have both cables to demo in my home for 6 weeks. At first listen to both cables my gut reaction was the S3's were better. It wasn't until I heard the kettle drums did I finally make up my mind.

As far as the Purist Audio I will admit I have never heard them. But as Opus88 mentioned the cable company has a nice loaner program. That will give you the opportunity to hear them in your home on your system without a salesman.

Just another option and my opinion
For the C1, without doubts, go with the JPS Superconductor 3.
Just a few interjections regarding accurate vs. inaccurate in audio parlance. A fair number of us audiophiles reveal a concern for and attraction to the kind of sound that displays clean outlines and so called tonal neutrality. Almost anyone who attends a live concert soon discovers that this kind of sound is much less in evidence in the concert hall than it is in one's home, coming from electronic boxes and cables. Even a cursory listen at a live concert reveals instrumental sounds that are softer, warmer AND frequently easier on the ears at greater dynamic levels in contrast to reproduced sounds in one's abode. Would one describe this concert hall experience as a "neutral" manifestation of reality? I guess what I'm driving at is while we enjoy our own personal sound illusion at home, some of us occasionally get quite insistent about any "other" kind of preference being innacurate and/or colored in the worst sense of the term. For those who don't or won't admit it, colorations are everywhere, and this is precisely why I don't really like using the word, neutrality(inasmuch as I am sometimes compelled to for the sake of familiarity)when it comes to characterizing sound. We pick and choose or are drawn to or taken in by constellations of colorations. The only absolute sound is the publication which bears that name.
carol, why the jps?,and the venustas wath?
The JPS has more neutral, transparent a detailed sound.
The Venustas has warm and rolled on top sound.
Check the C1 Posite Feedback review.
You can also contact to the writer. He strongly recomend the JPS for the C1.
Also you can see that it´s very difficult to find used JPS Superconductor 3. That means that it is an excellent option.
If you don´t want to spend a lot of money, move to the Ocos speaker cable. Dynaudio still use and recomend it.
You can also use Audiotorium 23 from Germany for speaker cables. THese are also very good with the Dyns.
I had the PAD Venustas(Rev C non praesto) & JPS SC3 in the same system - like others have said the PAD are rolled and warmer & less transparent compared to the SC3. I replaced the SC3 with the new Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Reference SE (2009 version - external biwire) and never looked back. Much more body and harmonic richness - not rolled off at all. The HT are the first speaker cables I've installed in my system and never removed after the initial install(going on 8 months). The HT are also about 1/2 the price of the SC3. Highly recommended. They just sound right in my system... Having said that, I'd like the try the JPS Aluminata speaker cables ;)
Mantis: I may be missing something in your comments above. After indicating the warmer,less transparent quality of the Venustas in comparison with the JPS Superconductor 3 you go on to say you replaced the SC3 with the Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Reference SE and got "Much more body and harmonic richness-not rolled off at all." In conclusion, you say "I'd like to try the JPS Aluminata speaker cables." I'm not sure why you got rid of the SC3, since it would seem from your comments that the Venustas was the cable with the rolled top. Please clarify.
Opus, sorry for the confusion - not enough coffee yet.

Yes, the PAD were rolled in my system and the HT sounded better than both the PAD and JPS(to my ears and my wife). BUT, I was missing a just a little body and harmonic richness with the JPS. I found that in the HT which also has great extension and air. After I had the HT's in for a couple months I tried the JPS SC3 interconnect vs the KCI silkworm. The KCI was better all around. I then tried the JPS Aluminata vs KCI - the Aluminata was better by a large degree in every regard. SO, I have an interest in trying the Aluminata speaker cables but they are just so much $$$$...
Okay, thanks Mantis. But you raised another interesting point. You found the KCI Silkworm interconnect more enjoyable than the JPS Superconductor 3 ic. Then, you found the Aluminata ic better by a large margin over the Silkworm ic. I previously owned the Aluminata ic, but now live with the KCI Silkworm+ ic---both, in my opinion, superb. But for me the Silkworm+ outdoes the Aluminata in musicality. Ye old "different strokes for different folks" scenario.