I have a beautiful pair of CR-8 Signatures, more or less the middle of the pack, but to me they are priceless. They absolutely killed my B&W 802 Diamond and Focal Alto Be. We are a small group, but many times get best in show, or at least very positive reviews. I cannot how hard my CR-8 hit and yet are so delicate and sweet at the same time. Kind of like a the woman in "Haywire". Kick-ass, yet very attractive. I also am friends with the Venture US distributor, Mike Slaminski, and he has never tired t sell me any Venture speakers. It is only when I ask about the Venture line, do I get the best advice.
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They have been around for a little while from what I read. I got the impression that pair you own cost about $30K, they have won accolades from the press etc so why was the first time I heard of them yesterday. Is this the begining of a speaker of the year type deal such as Magico? Really whats the story, what makes them special, why are they so good etc, do tell???
I recently auditioned their $139K Ultimate reference at the Newport Beach audio show and I was VERY impressed. Of course, for that kind of money, I'd better be impressed, as there is stiff competition at that price point.

What is unique / unusual about the speakers, is that the drivers are proprietary (a mix of carbon fiber doped with graphite). Based on my audition, I would recommend the brand be added to your audition list, assuming they have a model in the price bracket you're shopping in.
Venture has the Encore at $30+, all the way up to the $200,000 Extremes. They have to be heard to be believed, and the build quality, finish is just as good.