Venture Audio Speakers

I currently own the Venture Excellence Loudspeaker, and I was very happy to see the favorable review by Dick Olsher in the current issue of the Absolute Sound (November, 2008). This amazing line of speakers, that is manufactured in Belgium, deserves better recognition in the U.S. Market.

I have had numerous other great speakers in my reference system (B&w, Aerials, Wilsons,...etc) to list a few. However, when I first heard the Venture's at a store (Precision Audio & Video, Distributor/Dealer), I was amazed by the amount of Resolution, Detail, and Tonal Neutrality that they offered.

Now, that I have these speakers in my system, the level of realism that I am experiencing is unprecedented in my audiophile experience. The sense of recreating a "Live Event" with all music genres is phenomenal.

Also, I have learned that the famed audiophile mastering engineer, Steve Hoffman, currently uses these speakers in his studio.

As a U.S. audiophile, I hope that this line of speakers gets the recognition that it deserves as a world class speaker, and that it continues to get reviews in the U.S.
I just bought a pair of Venture CR-8 Signatures. These are the best speakers I have had the pleasure to own and hear.Malawr is right. The Venture line of speakers deserve better recognition.
Please let me know if you ever sell your Venture speakers. They hardly ever show up on the used market. I now know why!
The best system I have ever heard used Venture Audio speakers at Precision Audio. Orchestral music sounded more like it does at Disney Hall that I have ever heard from the two channel stereo - effortless, clear and the best sound staging I have ever heard, by far.
Mike at Precision has even outdown himself, in my opinion. He is showing the new Venture upgraded speaker, which only has 2 7" woofers; a 5" midrange, and 2" tweeter; all proprietary designs with underhung voice coils and Abacaca carbon drivers, powered by a single Hegle amp, and using his FMS speaker cables. It was the most amazing listening experience I ever enjoyed; besting the Wilsoh Shasha audition I had at Brooks-Berdan, and the Magico Q-5's powered by EAR tubed gear at Weinhart designs. I was floored by the prodigious base and low end response from this smallish floor stander; and the high detail; spacial ques, sound stage was not to be believed. I did purchase a pair of the Excellence III's from Mike; which was the prior model in the line; but these new drives and current production run speakers are just amazing; hard to do justice with words..but I echo the sentiment of the above posters... these sounded better to my ears than the larger version he demo'd at THE SHOW in Newport this past summer; that room did not do the Venture speaker's justice...try to hear them at RMAF and make your own evaluation...expensive; but worth it...
The model I heard are called the Encore's....amazing sound in a relative modest sized cabinet...worth hearing...
I have heard some great words said about the new Encore's. If I had not just bought the CR-8 Signatures, the Encore's would be in front of me now. How Venture can get such deep bass from 7"(in my speakers 8") drivers is beyond me. And they don't just do the disappearing act, they vanish in the room and just leave live music in their place.
I have heard the Wilson's at Berdan and I have heard the Magico at Weinhart. Both sound like hi-fi to me. I'm going to give Mike a call on monday an audition a pair of Ventures. I want to see what all the fuss is about.
Taters- did you ever call Mike and audition a pair of Ventures?
What's the basic differences between the lineage (Classic, Ultimate, CR Sig)?

Does the newer Ultimate series sound better overall?