Venture Audio

Has anybody listened to any of the Venture Audio speakers?

Yes, i listened to Caractere and Grand Excellence. (both diamond They were absolutely awesome.

I like them better than Kharma Grand Ceramique and Eidolon Diamond.
I just searched Google and cannot find the home page for Venture Audio. I would like to learn more.
Albert, go to:
Audio - what was the rest of the system used for the demo?

They were both driven by Venture SET amp with their passive preamp as well with cables and power conditioning.
thought I would revive this thread.

Anybody listened to Venture Audio lately
I currently use the Grand Excellence. My favorite speaker based on its natural presentation. Clarity is life-like and impact is superb. I have the following speakers as a point of reference(in my system): Aerial 20T,B&W 800N and Dynaudio C4. Speakers auditioned but not in my system:Tad Model 1,Dynaudio Temptation and Evidence,VSA VR9,Dali Megaline,Genesis 2.1,Sonus Faber Strad,Wilson Alexandria/Watt7/Sophia and Avalon Eidolon .
To anyone interested,there was a review of the Grand Excellence some time ago,in Fi magazine.I believe it can be accessed on the Venture site.

This review was very favorable,actually a rave,and was done by Michael Gindi.As this review caught my eye,I remember he indicated that the speakers (updated since),were at least equal to any design,regardless of price.Also,he stated that the cabinetry was a work of art,as can easily be seen in any product pictures.

I had called the importer,back then,who seems to be the same guy,and he was very low key,and not overtly sales oriented.Supposedly the speakers are a really easy load,to drive.Looks like a winner,yet it would be nice to see some additional exposure.BTW-IMO--It is really nice to see some stunning "old world" crafted, real wood cabinetry,as can be found on these speakers.Woods that remind me of the GORGEOUS wood finishes found on those pricey imported jewelry boxes,and music boxes I see from time to time.Paint is nice,and modern,yet to see some real high quality woods,done by real artisans is beyond words.Somehow I don't see painted surfaces going over too well on new violins,or Martin guitars.I've seen this but there is nothing like a stunning wood grain.Just my taste,though.Venture has it covered,but at a cost.

Best to all!
audio 999 - what are the price points for the Caractere and Grand Excellence.

I am intriqued with this brand of Belgian made speakers, which I have never heard. Not well known. They were the first to use ceramic drivers and diamond tweeters. their current higher models use AMT tweeters.
If anyone has heard their current models, please share your experience.
I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon at the home of the us distributor of these great speakers; in Moorpark, CA. They simply sounded warm, great sound stage, fast, very accurate and detailed, like live music. I brought some of my own music to the audition; and heard things I never heard before...almost perfect sonic nirvana,..except the price of admission is a bit steep..more than the Wilson maxx v3's, more than Magico M5' they share rarified air indeed..they look fantastic; and sound to match; easy to drive and place...worthy of consideration of audition if this is your price range...
Hi Mribob
which model did you listen to? Since you mentioned the Maxx3 and the Q5, how does the Venture experience compare with these highly regarded speakers?
I heard their top of the line pair; which I believe retails for around $85-90k. I've not heard the Maxx3, but have heard the Magico M-5 at Weinhart design in LA, and also compare them to the MBL 111'es I have. I felt the Venture were better than my MBL's in many ways, hard to compare them the M-5's, different rooms and different electronics feeding them; the M-5's were being feed digital data from PS audio perfect wave d/t, with tubed EAR preamp and amps, the Ventures had CD transport, DAC, and solid state amps...the venture's to my ear sounded very good; warm, open; great sound staging, incredible detail; fantastic midrange and base, no fatigue, I could be very happy with these speakers if I could afford them.Not many people are aware of this find brand, and they don't get much review time; but they are indeed worthy competitors to the best out there; and should be auditioned if possible. I think I liked them better than the Magico's M-5, but would need to spend more critical listening to arrive at a fair and accurate comparison.
I have experience with Venture Speakers. I currently own the Venture Exellence Model.

Let me share with you my personal take on their models.

First, in their "Classic Series" of speakers, my favorite two speakers are the "Excellence III Signatures" & the "Reference III Signatures".

Main reason for choosing those two models is that the Excellence III Model is very coherent, fast, great imaging, and dynamic. Also, the degree of "realism" is amazing. This speaker retails between 50-55k (I think it is the best bargain in the Venture line).

The Reference III Signature gives you all of the great attributes of the Venture sound (Realism, Speed, Tones, etc..), but I say its strongest asset would be the "Scale" of reproducing live events (especially large orchestral music), and the level of realism it achieves doing so. Basically, it gives you the same sound that the Excellence provide, with a bit more of scale and realism (If your room can accommodate such a large speaker). It retails around 125-135k.

In the Classic Series I also like the "Grand Excellence III" (70-75k), but I think that you get a lot more value for your money with the "Excellence III". If I was going to upgrade from the "Exellence III" it would be to the "Reference" (or the "Grand Ultimate", which I will discuss next).

Second, In the "Ultimate Series" of Speakers, I like both models a lot.

The "Grand Ultimate" Speaker is a fantastic speaker. It retails around 95-99k. This speaker has all the attributes that I've listed above in terms of sound. If I was deciding on this speaker, I would compare it to the "Reference" speaker in the Classic Series (It really is one's personal preference, you can't go wrong with either one).

The "Ultimate Charm" is also great sounding if someone is looking for a two way speaker. I believe it is around 30-35k.

Finally, I've compared Venture speakers to other top notch manufactures. My experience overall has shown me that it is quite difficult to beat the Venture designs because of the "Coherency" and "Realism" that they achieve. Other designs tend to excel in one or two aspects of sound (i.e. tones, dynamics, speed etc..). However, the Ventures excel in all aspect, thus giving the coherency and realism that I've been talking about.

Hope this was helpful.
Very good summery Malawar. Venture loudspeakers are indeed some of the best speakers ever. The fit-n-finish is to die for.
Talk2me, thank you for the complement. You are right, Venture speakers sound and look incredible. We audiophiles sometimes ignore to mention the aesthetic appearance of products, and these speakers do look beautiful.

Where did you hear Venture Speakers? Do you own Venture Speakers? And if so, which model?
I heard the Venture CR-8 Signature at Precision Audio, and will be looking to buy a pair.
Talk2me, I do not have much experience with the CR Series Ventures. However, I hear that they sound great,and are a great value. And having experienced other Venture Speakers, I am sure that they sound great.

On a side note, I recently spoke with Precision Audio, and he told me that there is a new speaker in the "Ultimate Line" named the "Encore" that will be around 30-35k, and is supposed to be amazing value, Here is a Link:

I will probably get a chance to hear them in a month or so, I will let you know my impressions.
Well, I bought a pair of Venture C-8 Signature. These are by far the best speakers I have had the pleasure of owning. In the past year I have owned and sold JM Labs/Focal Alto Be and the new B&W 802 Diamond. The C-8's are superior in every which way. For electronics I am using the awesome and little known, hand-made, Norwegian Hegel H10 (300 wpc) and the beautiful sounding Burmester 089 belt drive CDP/DAC/Preamp. At the request of Mike at Precision Audio (Venture distributor), I swaped out my Transparent Reference cables with FMS cables and boy what a superb synergy between the Venture speakers and FMS cables. The realism and dynamics of the Venture C-8 Signatures have to be heard. The bass is tight and punchy and depending on the recording, can be localized behind the right speaker, or left speaker, or maybe even directly in the middle. In other words, it is not "just there". The midrange is sweet, yet very realistic. And the critical highs of the tweeter is detailed but never "etchy". With Venture speakers, one can throw out the term "listening fatigue". I cannot get enough of listening to these speakers, or should I say "musical intruments".

Congratulations.... I am sure you are getting amazing sound from your system. I remember, when I first got my Venture Speakers, I stayed up all night rediscovering my recordings. It still amazes me that few U.S. audiophiles are aware of what Venture Speakers can do.

I think your choice of FMS Cable is excellent (some of the best, yet, little known cables). Also, I am beginning to hear good things about Hegel Audio from the press. And their products are reasonable by audiophile standards.

Enjoy your Venture Speakers.....
Thanks Malawar. Yes, I cannot believe Venture speakers are not better well known. I am shocked as to how good they sound, and it is not critical how one places the speakers. They soud excellent no matter where or how they are situated. I just found out about FMS cables and will be selling my Transparent cables and interconnects. I too, stayed up all night (and many nights since :), listening and re-discovering my CD collection. The song with bricks/rocks hitting each other on the "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack is downrigh stunning.Also CD's by Dead Can Dance are exceptional through the Ventures.
I bought a pair of Venture CR-8 Signatures. They are about 35% better in all aspects concerning sound than my JM Labs/Focal Alto Be's. If anyone will be selling any current Venture Audio speakers, please let me know.
a couple years ago i heard Venture Audio speakers at THE Short Newport Beach. It was a memorable experience. Simply mesmerized by the Pink Floyd track they were playing. Simply awesome looking and sounding .. However waaaaaay toooooo expensive. One could buy a bmw 3 series for the price of their lesat expensive bookshelf speaker. Maybe someday i will be rich enough for these. Sigh!