Veneer repair for Thiel 3.0a's.

Yes, it was bound to happen. I have moved these speakers from CT to Chicago, back to CT, then to NY. I had the Thiel box/crates to protect the Brazilian Rosewood veneer. After all these years and moves, my girlfriend managed to get her coat hooked onto one of the speakers and knock it over. The top corner hit the transformer from my Rogue Audio pre-amp. So, the top corner of veneer is now trashed. Yes, I have put up a good front and outwardly not made a big deal of this, but it is disturbing to look at these once beautiful speakers. Any suggestions? (besides getting rid of the girlfriend)
Call Thiel, IMO the best customer service in the business.
Check a local cabinet shop see if they can peel the veneer
fix the cabinet and re-press the veneer. Veneer can be re applied if was torn not ripped. Sometimes the real damage is the substrate and the veneer can be steamed and lifted.
Good luck. But go ahead and vent on your girlfreind, you have my permission. After all if you had spilled a coke on her coat, you'd be out buying a diamond ring or something.