Vendor needed to reterminate cables

Quite some time ago I had HCM Audio make me a set of speaker cables for my home system. The cables are AudioQuest GR8 with spades and bananas. I'd like to have the cable length shortened and Cardas banana plugs installed all around. I was initially going to ask HCM to do the work but thought I would ask her first for other vendors so that I can get more than one quote. Any recommendations?
You could check with Drew at I know he offered termination services in the past and I believe he carries Cardas banana plugs. I never did any business with him so I can't comment on his prices or the quality of work, but the pics I've seen of his work looked fine.
I would have AQ do it.
With proper crimping tools + set of nice shrinking tubes you can do same job if not better.
Just make sure to 'dress' shrinking tube prior to crimping.
Crimping is superior to soldering for the speaker wires.
I don't think that value of speaker cable will decrease more than you'll invest for the professional services. You'll also make a smart investment purchasing good crimping tool such as EZ-RJPRO
Check with Patrick at Cullen Audio. I was just on his site last night and he offers
a re-termination service.