Vendetta Research SCP-2a price out of line?


   I’ve been looking for a Vendetta Research SCP-2a for some time and the ones I have missed out on are all around the $2500.00 used in very good shape. So while searching recently I came upon a excellent shape on the Audio-Marlt European site. After contacting the seller who is rated highly, he was asking 6000 euros for the Vendetta. Not knowing the conversion rate I checked online and at todays prices was $6360.00 in US dollars.

    Now I’m not adverse to someone making a buck on an exceptionally nice piece of gear, even one as highly regarded as the V R phono stage but come on! That’s at least 2 times higher than I’ve seen, and being generous at two times the price but vintage stuff couldn’t have appreciated that much in the past year and a half could it? Just seemed a little out of whack. Your thoughts?



Caveat emptor.

The only thoughts that should be expended on pricing should be done by the sellor prior to implementation.

Why would this person not be free to set, establish, and quote a price with which he is satisfied and comfortable without first obtaining from you an approval of his expectation?

I remember looking for one years ago and came up with nada. This was circa 2006 and then it was easily 2 grand, maybe a little more. I think there are some others that are highly regarded, but I’d have to re-research it. (Expressive Technologies was one at the time- but only a step up transformer).


Talk to Dave Slagle. He can probably build something cool and not be as pricey. PS: he did a unit with J Jackson but it's no bargain. Still, Slagle is good, I'm not sure what Jackson is up to these days. Those guys collaborated on a bunch of stuff at one point. 

I have a Vendetta 2C that was owned by Bascom King. As I am moving to a digital only system, I plan on selling it.