Velodyne vs JL Audio DD1812 vs G213 vs DD18 vsF113

Hi i am planning to build a home theater in my basement this summer. I will be buying used subs.

which of the following can give the best home theater experience. Please let me know if you had the opportunity to compare and demo the sub woofers below thank you.

Velodyne DD 1812 Vs JL Audio Gotham 213
Velodyne DD 18 Vs JL Audio Fathom 113

I am thinking of using 4 F 113.
Dude....What you'll need is some great custom made ear plugs if you put 4 F113's in your house....Seriously. Yow.
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4 f113's all daisy chained together would be pretty amazing. I have two of these and could not imagine needing two more. My room is apprx 20x40x10. Room eq works great as well as running one in master and the other as slave. One sub will control all the others. I have compared the DD18 with the F113 and both are stellar. Size was a factor. I did like the build better on the f113. Two G213's would be nice to hear. The store just had the one and it is special. Two f113's placed in the room and set up correctly would give one g213 a run for it's money. The store was limited on how they could set up the f113's.
"which of the following can give the best home theater experience"

My experience with most of this stuff is that it's not going to be that critical, regardless of which - otherwise quality - woofers you use. What you mentioned are all going to do well IF - THAT'S A BIG CRITICAL "IF" - you set em up properly, as well as the rest of the room, seats, speakers, acoustics, calibration, tweaking, etc!
I have sold the most expensive subs on the plannet in many hi-fi stores over the years, done custom jobs, and owned one or two my self over the decades. I've had everything from Entec's, Big Dunlavy's, Martin Logan's best, Wilson's $10k woofer in my store, the Velo's (of course), Earthquake's, MK MX5000's, Paradigm Servo 15's, Thiels ultra pricy boogers, and more! This I can tell you, and that's that a single woofer, by itself, is not going to make or brake a system, or simply blow away another (or multiple) properly setup and dialed in, otherwise capable, subwoofer from another company!...epecially when you're talking about a home theater system.
Actually, for the money, I've found that the Paradigm Servo 15's offer the best blend of accurate musical qualities, control, etc, vs. sheer output and dynamic range! (especially when you consider the size of the spaces these speakers usually end up in. (most domestic rooms are relatively small acoustic spaces).
All that said, I've never been a fan of the Velodyne's for movies/music, even the Servo models.
Right now, the JL's are getting all kinds of coverage and press. But you must consider all that as largely marketing, advertising, and "reviewer incentives", when considering. Basically, everyone in business has an agenda. You can only try for yourself on the used market.
Then, there's almost zero downside, as you can sell if you dont' get good results, and try something else!
Off hand, I'd probably go with the JL's if they fit your price range over the Velodynes. However, depends on the deal. If I found a great stellar deal on some woofer somewhere, I'd be inclined to go that dirrection, knowing what I know, that is.
In doing the Velo/JL comparison, it should be noted that the Digital Drive Velos come with a pretty full-function remote (which is VERY handy), while the JLs do not. They also allow equalization of 8 bands, while the JLs do not.
Try 2, 3 or maybe 4 SVS PB13Ultra 's for half the price of the JL's and half the distortion levels at same volume levels. I have one in piano gloss black and it is incredible. I have a Sistrum SP-101($400used) stand underneath it and the bass energy is awesome.. I think four would shake the neighbourhood nicely, cleanly and very tight with detailed authority. Check them out....