Velodyne ULD 15 repair

Any recommended repair facilities in the US for the Velodyne ULD series subwoofer and amplifier?

Velodyne does not support this product at all.
Hello, too bad about your sub. Surprised the Co. had no recommendations on who to take it to. Try Tweeter Home Entertainment (formerly United Audio)in the Chicago Area. They are a Velodyne dealer, BUT, they may only service the items they sold, at their stores. Audio/video Service Labs Ph.#757-340-7143 or Stereo Surgeons Ph.# 860-528-8837 or Good Luck!
I just talked to Velodyne on my 1986 vintage ULD 15. They said they could not repair it but gave me a company in Fla. who might or they would sell me direct a new (factory reconditioned) top-of-the-line sub for about 25% of the MSRP. Sounded like a fair deal to me!
I suggest you talk to them.

Did velodyne give you the name of the repair facility in FL that can repair uld's. I'm looking to modify the amp and replace the foam surround on one of my subs.

Thanks for the info
I don't think they will do anything with the electronics but can replace the foam surround w/o disturbing the sensor. It's Simply Speakers 6625 35th. Street N. Pinellas Park, FL 33781 (Tampa Bay). Phone:. 727-571-1245. Fax:. 727-526-2096.
Good luck, let me know how you make out w/ them. As for me, I think I may go for the offer of a new DD-18 for $1300.
Last year, I bought a pair of refurbished ULD 15's that had been repaired by the factory here locally in the Bay Area. It did look brand new and the performance is great. The Velodyne factory must have stopped doing this recently.
The ULD is perfect match for two channel setups. I have enjoyed them for many years and I plan to continue enjoying.
However I'll never purchase or recommend another Velodyne product again.
Velodyne has become a mass market company that wants to sell new products and offer no support. Good luck with your ULD.
I disagree. I called them and they said that they were very sorry that they could no longer repair my ULD-15 made in 1986, because they no longer have the parts for it. (I don't think that is surprising, since the unit is 20 years old.) They were supportive and offered the name of a company that might be able to repair my unit. They also offered to replace my 20 year-old unit with their current top-line unit AT 75% OFF OF THE LIST PRICE. How much more helpful could they be?

You can't expect them to continue to make and stock parts beyond 20 years, and short of offering me a new sub for free, what more could they do.

I'm happy with the support they offer and I will continue to buy and recommend their products. (which are among the finest subs in the world)
Just my opinion.
They made the sub until 1997 at a price of 2000.00 new.
If anything they should have offered upgrades to improve the ULD, not abandon the product and the many people who own them at this point.
As I see it they have started selling their subs in Circuit City and Tweeter. Not exactly what I would call high end.
If I remember, the old Carver corp when down this same road. The only differance is Carver still supports the old product line. Also, I never owned any Carver equipment.
The way I see it the ULD was and still is a fine sub. The servo control system was a major inovation in 1985 when it was introduced. It continued to be one of if not the best sub avail for many years. But face facts. It is a 20 year old design, that once was high-tech.

It's a great unit. If you have one and it works, enjoy! If it doesn't work and you can get it fixed at a reasonable cost, do it. But, everything I read and hear leads me to believe that their new DD series is a significant improvement over the ULD. So if you have a ULD that doesn't work and you can't get it fixed cheaply, what could be better than a DD-15 for about $1200. By the way, when Velodyne was last repairing the ULD's they charged between $650 & 800 to replace the driver and tweek the amp. IMHO the DD series is worth the difference in cost.
I had a Foundation series sub for 5 years that I sent to Velodyne for repair about a year ago. All I sent was the board and they also upgraded the chips to their latest iteration. It was relatively inexpensive($150 or so), the repair was done promptly and the service was exemplary. I can't recommend them highly enough.

It was partly based upon their continued excellent service that prompted me to purchase a DD-15, their best 15" sub to date, IMHO. I remain very happy. They continue to be one of the best, if not the best subwoofer companies in the world.

They have always been very helpful the few times I have had to call them over the past 25 years, and even their current offer as described above by chiefwej indicates the caliber of company they are. To gratuitously slam them over an isolated experience just because they don't act as YOU might wish them to act is ridiculous. They have consistently gone above and beyond my sevice expectations and their products' longevity and awards speak for themselves. No, I'm not connected to Velodyne in any way - just thought I'd lend my 2 cents to the discussion so that some newbie wouldn't get the wrong idea about Velodyne.
I think everyone is missing the point. I like my ULD 15's and I'm very much interested in keeping them if I can find someone experienced in serviceing them. I have the ULD's modified at a very low x-over frequency. This allows me to control the deep bass without changing the sound of my bi-amped full range speakers. The ULD's have great deep bass control down to 18hz. Very few subs can do that in a two channel system.
What exact problems are they having?

If the foam is shot, you could try contacting Madisound, or even the guys who specialize in speaker surrounds on Ebay, and see if they have any leads on the size you need. The relevant dimensions are the overall diameter (15" I assume), and the diameter of the foam "roll" - probably about 1"?.

The most common amplifier problem with these is overheated/shorted output transistors. The symptom of that is the fuse blows instantly when you turn the amp on - whether or not it's connected to the sub. Any electronic repair shop should be able to replace them, but it won't be all that cheap as it's a somewhat involved job.

The servo circuits can be fried easily if the servo cable is removed while the sub is playing - a serious design flaw. If that is the case, you may be out of luck.

That's about all I know. Keep in mind if the driver itself is fine, you can run these as "normal" subs with any powerful amplifier - you won't have the servo control, but it should sound as good as a similar non-servo unit.
For what it is worth, I had a ULD-12 without the amp about 3 years ago and I call them about getting a new one....After about a week of figuring they desided they could build me a new amp with spare parts for 150.00.....I can't say enought nice things about them.....I have two ULD-15 now and have not had any problems.....I guess everything will wear out someday...But my ULD-15's keep playing....Good Luck with your repairs
I own a ULD-15 with a walnut finish. Brought it used 12 years ago. The driver failed (buzzing sounds) I re foamed it but it still buzzed. Then the Velodyne company, and everyone I asked refused to accept the repair job. (It's the accellerometer they are afraid of)

I found an alternative (better sounding) driver, fits the ULD-15 series 1. I've enjoyed it for about one year so far. Its called an Adire tempest 15. I saw your post in the spring time but didn't want anyone to know how great my tempest sounds until I could get ahold of another one. (still looking for another ULD-15 "enclosure" for the my second tempest). Please sell me yours! I ordered 2 new tempest's today from creative sound who with some other dealers got permission to start selling (on a pre-order basis) the final batch of tempest's from the former USA factory. Adire is trying to re-start their business in Chile with new versions and higher prices on the tempest ($230). But selling the old stock subwoofer "tempest classic" at ($139 thats why I pre-ordered 2 more today).

As for the original velodyne ULD-15, I was in love with it, spent many late night listening sessions. Thought nothing could beat it. Then when I had to replace the driver with the ADIRE Tempest 15, I knew it would need 2 things to make it right (by the way this driver fits perfectly in the Velodyne enclosure). I wired the tempest's dual 8 ohm voice coil in parallel (now its 4 ohms). I bridged my hafler dh500 amp to drive the tempest (it only needs 250 watts but can handle much more) presently mine is 800 watts in bridged mode. The Tempest has long excursion and is design for a frequency response of 18 Hz to 250 Hz.
To get that response I used an old McIntosh MQ101 eualizer(inverts the natural bass role off to create a flat response down past 20 Hz). There are other simular products like the Marchand Basis "they are called linkwitz transforms". I also use a cross over (boxed my old DBx 120 and got a used Marchand XM-44)
I get rich, deep, powerful bass.

I sometimes listen to the ULD-15 with the Adire Tempest 15 for 5 hours on the weekend (no listening fatigue). The orig Velodyne driver was pretty good but wasn't easy to listen to for 5 hours.

The Adire Tempest "classic" can be pre-order until June 30, or July 4 at certain dealers. They will go fast (read the reviews, or any info on the Adire Tempest).

Good luck, and remember me if you decide to sell that ULD-15 enclosure.