Velodyne Subwoofer Problem?

Has anyone else had trouble with Velodynes new subwoofers? I just bought one, HGS-18. It worked the first night, but after being left on all night (it was supposed to automatically shut off), the green light is blinking (which indicates thermal overload). I turned it off and then back on, but it keeps blinking. I think I can smell some toasted electronics. I'd guess something burned up inside.
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I've heard rumors of this happening, but that's all they've been, until now...
Are you sure that the switch is on Auto and ON? Also make sure that the volume is not more that 1/2, if is more then your low pass is too low; so you sould check your audio gear for increasing the output. Good Luck By the way you sould let the sub burn-in in low volume for a couple of weeks fefore puting it to the limit
Yes it was on Auto and ON. The unit burned up. You can smell the toasted electronics thru the paper woofer. At 100 lbs this thing is difficult to ship for repairs. The standard Velodyne packaging is pathetic. I have to build a wooden crate to protect my investment, or whats left of it anyway.
Heruty, unless I missed something in my 12 yrs designing electronics, burning-in allows the components to form their initial resting place, or value if you will. Which should be very close to their original starting place (else why have designers). Burning-in may affect the sound slightly, but should'nt have anything to do with a unit burning-up! Except maybe where it concerns infant mortality of the components. Audiophiles burn-in to improve sound, but they are also finding out if the unit is going to last. If electronics make it thru the first 30 hrs of so, they usually run just fine for years. Concerning the low pass? I don't understand your suggestion. If you set the low pass higher, your sub uses more power, not less.
to save shipping you can remove the amp section of the sub to have it repaired.
Pianoman, fist I think you should cool down, we are here to help you; begin nasty will result with no respond from us. I'm still behind my fist statement. LOW PASS will result with higher power from the sub amplifier. Break-in is very important for the servo unit as well as the cone moving parts. The amp on the sub can get hot if running in high volume and the smell you are getting is not necessary a Dead Sub; it might be a little stressed. Let it cool down and check my first first advice.
Did you buy this from a local authorized Velodyne dealer? If so they should replace it. A good dealer would come to your house to remove the defective unit and install the new one. If a new unit was not readily available, they might even lend you a demo (not necessarily the same make or model) to tide you over until a replacement is available. In my experience it pays to support local dealerships. Hope its taken care of quickily.