Velodyne Sub Trouble

I just received a lightly used Velodyne HGS-18. It's less than one year old and apparently worked great for the seller. It arrived in flawless condition, but doesn't play. I initially wired it using the speaker level ins/outs. I hooked the speaker outs from the receiver to the speaker level inputs on the sub. I ran the speaker outs on the sub to my main speakers. All other settings on the sub were as specified in the manual. I turn it all on and get sound from my main speakers but nothing from the sub. I check the troubleshooting in the manual and do it all (power is on to the sub, mute is off, volume correct etc.) - still nothing. I've unhooked all the speaker inputs/outputs and taken a CD player and plugged it directly with the RCA cable to the line level input on the sub (rec. by velodyne tech support) and still nothing. What could be going wrong? Please help.
Maybe an internal connector fell off during shipment...
I pulled the driver and all connections look solid.
Are you sure the music you're playing has low bass content? Try a stereophile-type test disk with low frequency sweep pattern -or pipe organ music.
The low E note on a bass guitar is around 40-41 htz, I beleive.
You proably already tried this, but if not; unhook, unplug, and turn power off on unit and other equipment. In this order: reconnect sub to equipment, sub to wall, turn sub power on at back of unit and then turn power on to other equipment. These subs have and line level sensing function that seems to act funky if you power the sub on while music is playing. list people who have had problems with these units. Hope this helps, the HGS-18 is truely an amazing sub. Good luck....LR
Have you found a remedy yet? I, too am having a problem with my Velodyne FSR-1200. I changed from the speaker level connections (from Preamp to sub to fronts), to using an interconnect from the Preamp to the Line In on the sub. Using the cable,I get no sound. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Rick