Velodyne sub hookup

After 20 or more years of being hooked up (and more than 15 years of not being used), I decided to unhook all my gear, clean it all up and get a fresh (re)start.
I noticed I had a Y connector plugged into the output jack of my preamp which my velodyne and power amp were connected to. I then noticed my velodyne has a "from pre amp" connection and a "to power amp" connection as well. Not sure why I connected it this way, but my question is, Is there any advantage to the way I hooked it up or could I be doing harm to any of my components?
Don't know the Velodyne model here, but many will place a "low cut" filter in the "to power amp" path. The recent SPLR series puts a 6db/octave filter at 80hz ahead of this jack so the main speakers see rolled off info below 80hz - while your "y" connector allows the main speakers to see a full range signal, unless you're using an outboard x-over.

I agree, you had the Y's to bypass the velo crossover. Won't hurt to try it the other way. You may get a little less bass?