Velodyne studio monitors??

Has anyone heard of Velodyne studio monitors? I have an opportunity to buy a pair of this monitors, but the speakers do not have a model number on them! The monitors have the same shape of the Bose 901 speakers, i.e. kind ot trapezoidal form. The speakers have two mid/woofers per side and two tweeters. I can not find any info on the net regarding these speakers. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Well I knew they were rare! The seller said he bought them from a recording studio in Oakland, CA. and that they were made by Velodyne  kind of an special order!? Can anyone chip in?
Velodyne made Monitors in the mid 90's, it was a short stint, they got a pretty bad write up in Stereophile and quickly there after went back to making only Subwoofers.

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Thanks pbnaudio! The monitor I am referring to are at most 2-3 years old, and their shape es trapezoidal like the 901 series from Bose.