Velodyne Spl series vs. SVS Subs

Would like thoughts or opinion's on specifically the new SVS SB 12plus(this is there new one)(or any of there subs)and the Velodyne Spl 1000R.
I just sold my descent (martin logan) $3k subwoofer and bought the svs ultra/2 subwoofer and it makes my ml descent sound like a home theater in a box sub. It also is much more acurate to my ears, as Ive owned the hgs 18, servo 15, and now the svs ultra and the descent was the worst sub of all 3. The svs ultra blends perfectly and cant be located. I could never get the descent to blend with my speakers(ascent i's, aeon i's,-tried both). I highly recommend these sub's. The only thing is they need to work on there looks. They are huge but how can you get THIS KIND OF BASS from anything small-it cant be done! The sunfire's and definitive tech subs are horrible. There small but also a waste of space. Id need 10 of them to match this level of bass.I just cant say enough on the performance of this sub.

I do want to add one comment. How can so many people complain about the looks of this sub, when the same people have all there gear in the middle of there room with big wires all over the floor. Personally, I dont think its a big deal that you like your gear that way, but dont complain about a box in the corner if you are one of the above people.-Thanks for reading my comments.
if you are gonna spend 3000+ on a sub and you purchase one without auditioning a JL Audio Fathom, you made a big mistake. SVS is good, I owned one, so I know their sound quality compared to cost argument, but the fathom is simply the best out there. listen to one, i am not the only person singing their praises.
I had an SVS. I liked the bass extension, but I could hear a hissing noise from my tweeters during quiet passages of music while the sub was on. So, I returned it.
why did you return your sub if your tweeters were hissing?
I bought the SVS SB 12 and love it.
Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I only heard the noise when the subwoofer was turned on, whether hooked up with the low or high level inputs.
Actually I spent only $2k including shipping. I ment the descent was a 3k sub, and the 2k sub blew it away. Ive been reading on the jl sub.It looks like its a killer. But if I needed that much bass, why not go with the svs dual 13.4 ultra comming out in the next few months?Its stated already over 8db's louder then the previous ultra 12/2.Now thats amazing.It stated you would need 2/12 ultra 12/2 subs to match its power. Plus it looks cool, front firing with a nice new cabinet. Also they have room eq control comming out! Its funny, I used to think svs fans were nuts, then I tried one. At least in my house what a sub!
I'm very happy with my PB 12+/2. The JL stuff wasn't around when I bought mine - but I'd certainly consider one.

From my understanding it's quite a bit more than the $1299 I paid for my sub. I will agree that it's big - but WAF isn't an issue for me as the theater room is all mine. :)

I think it's very musical and accurate - it blends perfectly with my 10T's (note I am using an SMS-1 too).

Zero regrets here about going with SVS. I can only imagine what another PB12+/2 would do in my room!
Velo is good, but too pricey.
same as MK.
thus, search forums for alternative bargain choice, many recommend SVS thou it's a never heard brand to me, or even whole TW when back to 2004.
I pulled the trigger with their advices. I don't even regret my decision at all. so proud to be first SVS user in TW.
3 yrs pass, now I have another SVS! again, proud to be first user in TW with 2 SVSes!!!
Great pics Lienly!! Loved the chickens!!! :)
I have two of the svs cylinders!I tell everyone they are my carpeted trash cans,and they meet my wives aproval. I have them stacked on top of eachother and fastened to the wall with thick foam spacers inbetween the two cylinders to allow the botom cylinder to breath properly from the three ports on top. They stand from floor to the ceiling with only about a foot of space till the ceiling!! These subs make my whole body vibrate and i swear the couch moves, or maybee it is my floor, anyway you will not be disapointed with one of these cylinders!!! Well worth the money for them 3 times as much even! Buy one and you will not regret it! I love my svs subs!!!
I own a SVS PC-Ultra, and am quite happy with it. It's clean, blends well with my mains, and comes with a PEQ that helps take out the worst bass "hump" in your room. I also like the ability to be able to tune the sub with the foam plugs. The 16Hz (i.e. one foam plug) tune sounds better for music, but the 20Hz tune (no plugs) is better for movies. I haven't tried the 12Hz tune yet... that seems to be guilding the lilly, so to speak, though I'll no doubt try it sooner or later.

If I was going to spend $3K+ on a subwoofer, though, I'd give serious consideration to the Thiel line of subwoofers, JL Audio's Fathom, and the Velodyne digital drive series subs.