Velodyne's Dim View

I find it quite frustrating as I have purchased two of velodynes DD-15s in the last 2yrs.
The blue logo light on the front of the sub goes dim after time.It doesn't effect the sound, but it was a nice display
to look at at night.
I even talk to one of Velodynes supposed techs and all I got was,that's just the way it is.I mean come on,3000.00 for a sub
and the light goes so dim you can't hardly see it.
I have components on 24/7 for years and the displays hold their brightness.Makes me wonder how much real quality is in there when Velodyne can't pay attention to such a basic thing as a display light.Other's have noticed this also.
Perhaps a Thiel SS-2 or Fathom-113 upgrade,I guess I'm a tad
ticked off,THAT's JUST THE WAY IT IS,gimme a break.
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Velodyne has been notorious for that kind of customer support.
unless you're interested in upgrading to the newest model they are not interested in helping or repairs.

Ex velodyne owner
Agreed. Pretty good products but their support and attitude towards customers needing help sucks.
You're just not talking to the right guys. Carl (I believe that's his name) in Arizona is great. They have always taken care of me and I've owned their products over 15 years. No problems whatsoever.

Happy current Velodyne DD-15 owner.
I've had several productive conversions with the Vel's Arizona product manager as well.

You could probably just pull the bulb from the rear and ID it for replacement.

As good as it is, the DD series is getting long in the tooth and Velodyne should think about improvements. The pulsing logo is a pretty poor status indicator and could be replaced with a digital readout of sub volume and mute.
Get a JL Audio Fathom. Built like battleship. Sound will rock your room
My experience with Velodyne couldn't be better. I had a bit of a problem with my HGS-15, and dropped it off in Morgan Hill while attending the Monterey vintage car week. I talked and exchanged emails with folks at Velodyne, and they couldn't have been more helpful. The visit to the big facility in Morgan Hill lead me to believe this is a high-tech firm, and that making subs may be a sideline. Nevertheless, the service was great.

I also have an HGS-10 and SMS-1 bass manager, so I'm a satisfied Velodyne customer.

IMHO, Velodyne's DD software/interface is great, the actual subs maybe less so. The Velo SMS-1 controller provides the benefits of the digital drive interface (at <$500 street price) for use with any sub of your choice. I've been using it with mediocre Velo SPLR8 subs, but just ordered a pair of 12" Rythmik Audios to replace the SPLRs. The JL subs get a lot of praise and test out extremely well, but the much less expensive Rythmik and SVS subs produce pretty impressive results, too, and offer an awful lot of performance for the $.

Good Luck


PS: Since the SMS - 1 works in the digital domain, its high pass will subject the main signal to A/D/A conversion. If you don't want A/D/A conversion in the main signal path, a ($300) NHT X-2 (or similar) can be used to roll off your main speakers without the A/D/A and without spending a billion $.

I do like my DD-15s,i just figured something as a display light would be a no brainer.other than the light their grat.
FYI - Guess is that the DD series will be replaced by CES 2010, if not sooner. New series is supposed to incorporate lots of bells and whistles of the other sub mfgrs, plus more. Velodyne has always been a class act, IMO - they take care of their customers as well.

You couldn't figure out a lightbulb? Next time, just call the guy in Arizona...
Replace it with a blue LED. I do that all the time with my gear.
The convo's I've had with the guy in Az. have always been forthright and honestly inciteful. Pleasant too. It's 'who' you get these days over the phone via support that matters... in many instances lately, regardless the company. IMO. Call back.

I turn off my light quite often... it's distracting. Also, even if my DD had a digital read out instead of blinking on and off in semifore, I'd still be using my ears to adjust volume.... and the video out to integrate it better.

When i"m listening, I prefer to listen, and not watch.
I agree with you,but really would you be impreesed if your expensive Levinson, or any other highend gear doesn't
light up or goes dim after awhile,I think not.Shows me how much care really goes into some gear,I good example would be say Mcintosh Amps,gorgeous DISPLAYS.If anybody owned those and the display went dim after a few months,I think you'd be a little concerned,especially when support says,that's just the way it is.I'll check out Pete Lewis,if I get the same answer as above then I'll know it's just the way Velodyne is.

There,Just talk to Pete Lewis(nice guy)and the velodyne light
does eventually go dim.That's just the way it is,but Pete is going to see if they can do something about it.
At least Pete was good about it.I guess it could be quite a job changing it as some parts are glued in.At least I know it's that way with all of them.Too bad,at least my pre,cdp, amps ect.stay lit up.Otherwise they'd be pretty hard to do
set up especially on my prepro(with video display.
There I'm done venting.