Velodyne only sub with remote volume control?

There must be others
(old guy really NEEDS this feature).
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I have 3 Velo's and they all have it. I also have a Tantra that is remote controlled. It has several features on the remote that Velo's don't have. I'm sure there must be others as well.
From one old guy to another... The Rel G-1 has a volume control for both volume and crossover. Mine is great but mostly set and forget. Expensive but world class. Good luck.
MJ Acoustics does too.
I think there are others but I use a Velodyne SMS=1 with my sub. Not only does it EQ the sub for the room but it works great if you want to experiment with crossover slopes. All via remote including remote volume, phase, polarity, slope.etc You can find them used for $250 =$300
Thanks to all!
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I've found some recording engineers go overboard with the bass (Susan Vega recordings come to mind).
Also, even when Audyssey is used to setup the Home Theater,
I typically back off the bass -10 on my Onkyo receiver.
I just want the option of tweeking when necessary.
Dweller, I agree. Typically for pop music not so much for Classical and acoustical. I'm constantly adjusting the subs volume as well as one preset for phase, and the, others for slightly different EQ slopes.
I mess with the volume on my subs all the time. Remote is a great feature to have.