Velodyne Minivee Repair or replace

Would appreciate any advice on the current state of subwoofers.  

I have an an older velodyne minivee I use for about 90 percent Tv/movies.  This older sub actually is a good performer, it has perceived quickness, no boom, hits hard for a tiny thing and has quick turn on on auto and a great small form factor. 

The sub sub recently has developed a constant him that is not a ground loop or other electrical issue.  It will cost about 250 to repair.   Assuming it’s the amp.  I’d prefer to repair but hesitant to thrown cash at an aging product given that there are some very nice subs out there currently for 400-500$.  Including the Svs SB1000 or Rsl speedwoofer.   These two certainly will have better performance and go lower, but Its a small room and I don’t get to crank volume that much. 

So id appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. 

I suggest contacting Velodyne directly regarding your repair and advise on the benefits of a new much lower distortion version in your price range. Their newest models have improved dramatically and are worth serious consideration.  

Velodyne is far from on its way out. They have scaled back their dealer network if favor of the control of direct sales and service. If I'm not mistaken a Digital Drive amplifier is integrated with multi-band Room Optimization and/or servo control components which would account for its replacement cost.

I replaced a DD-18 with two DD-12Plus which actually uses less Room optimization than the single big 18. There is also a pleasantly  fundamental difference in the way my room now loads the extra low frequency with the two 12s.
good luck
I have a Velodyne DD18 that I got as a demo from a closing Tweeter in 2006.  I've never had a problem with it.  When I hear of people having trouble with Velodynes it seems like it's almost always one of the smaller ones.  It takes a massive amount of eq to get a flat to 20hz response from a small driver in a sealed box.  I think it ended up being a mistake due to the reliability problems it introduced.
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Over the years I've gotten the distinct impression that one of the main downsides of very small subs is reliability.  There's a lot of pressure in a tiny box and it requires a lot of power to push that small woofer hard enough to reproduce low frequencies.  
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  I have a Velodyne DD-12 bought new in 2006 for $2,000. In 2010 after just four years of use, I had to replace the amplifier at a cost of over $600. I think Velodyne is on its way out as a company, particularly with replacement parts. My Velodyne is also on its way out, again with amplifier problems. I would go with the SVS. It has a full five year warranty. That's my next subwoofer.