Velodyne MiniVee 8 or Sunfire HRS-10

Hi everyone, I have a Kudos C2 with weaker low end that I'm looking to add a sub to help round off the bottom.  I do 70% music and 30% movies.   I can buy locally used Velodyne MiniVee 8 for $280 or Sunfire HRS-10 for $450.  Which one do you guys think is a better investment for a small 12 x 14 entertainment room?  Is the Sunfire worth $170 more?  Thanks ahead.
Great suggestion.  What about the SVS SB12-NDS?  I notice on Amazon it's going for $399, a whopping $100 (20%) less than the SB-1000.
If you don’t need speaker level connections that is a bargain. That is the same as the new model SB-2000.
Go for it!
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The Mini are great speakers. They go low, are fast and tight. Forget their size they work as advertised. I have used them with Quads and Maggie's.