Velodyne HGS-18 subwoofer

Velodyne has a great reputation for subs, is this one no exception? I am more interested in accurate bass, rather than a lot of boom. Any feeback on how seamless an integration can be achieved will be appreciated. Thanks......Mark
Integrating an 18" is always difficult. Which speakers are you trying to match up with?


I have the HGS-18 MkII and it intergrates extremely well with the Tyler Acoustics Reference Monitor in music mode. The bass is fast, deep and tight, NOT BOOMY. I've used the Sunfire True Subwoofer before but it's in no way can be compared to the HGS-18. My HGS-18 MkII is dead quiet without humming noise as some people had experience with. Make sure you replace the steel screws on the woofer with the brass ones for vibration control. I received this tip from Rick Shultz of Virtual Dynamics. I also replaced the original cord with the Power 3 from VD. For $75, this cord can't be beat.

Good luck and happy listening,
If you really want great intergration get a Rel. It wont move as much air as the Velodyne but it will have faster and more accurate bass with better intergration.

If you do get the Velobune one way to help with the boominess is to put it on a 6 inch stand. Getting it off the floor will really clean it up.
Hi guys, I am trying to integrate with Audio Physic Virgo II's. These are superb in every respect except for extended bass. I have read a lot of good things about the HGS-18. I am just afraid of the integration problem. I recall a few incidences at audio dealers where the sub called attention to itself. The sound was coming from another place, and was more of a distraction than a positive. Comments pleeze, thank you.......Mark
Mark, the comments above are right on target. I have the HGS-15, but understand that they are very similar. Do get the blasted thing off the floor as Perfectimage suggests, and adjust the volume control in the back to your desires. About 3 out of 20 is the perfect volume setting for most smallish to medium sized rooms - lots of power to burn unless you live in a stadium. The set-up can be a little touchy, but boomy it is not! That being said, there is always something better! My Velo is not in the same league as my Talon Roc which integrates seemlessly with anything and everything I've mated it with. In the used market here on A'gon, I've seen the Roc for $1,500 or so, which is a better buy than Velo's big boy.