Velodyne HGS-18 "whine"

My Velodyne hgs-18 has developed a high-pitched "whine" whenever powered on. I remember reading somewhere in the past that this is a problem commom to this model. Has anybody had a similar problem with this model sub and had it corrected? You can't hear it when the music is playing over it but when the room is silent you can hear it from at least 9 feet away.
I used to own this model and sold it because of the whine you mention. I called Velodyne and was told the servo was the cause. They went on to tell me that there was no cure for the noise, and that maybe I wasn't a Velodyne person. I loved the sub, but couldn't handle the whine, so I sold it and bought a REL Stentor. It's dead quiet.

Call Velodyne and see what they tell you.
I used to own the Velodyne HGS-18II and it was dead quiet. Maybe you could upgrade yours to the Series II? I now have a DD-15 and it's very quiet.
Thanks for the suggestions. I suspected the servo since I used to have an Entec with a bad servo that did the same thing.Too bad because the Velodyne is a nice unit otherwise.