Velodyne FSX12

Hello everyone,
I am in the market for a new subwoofer and I have bumped into a Velodyne FSX12 for $250used. I know that this subwoofer is 10+ years old but I did some research and it seems to be a very clean sounding woofer. My ultimate question is whether or not I should buy that subwoofer to match my Veritas 2.1 monitors or perhaps look for something else that will accompany my Veritas bookshelves better. My budget for a subwoofer is $400. I primarily listen to music but every now and then Ill watch some movies.
Thanks in advance everybody,

I have 3 Velo's in my house. 2 F-1200r's, and an HGS 18. I really like them a lot. That being said, I have had issues with the accelerometers in 2 of the three over the years. I'm not saying I wouldn't buy another one. (i would) It's something to keep in mind though.

I have 2 Velo F-1500R's purchased in 1994, and in all this time, only problem is that the volume cannot be adjusted in either one. They both experienced the problem about the same time, but that is really a minor issue. I'd buy another Velo, but I think I'd also like to consider M & K.
10 years is a bit old for a sub, for $400 I would look for newer used options or just get a new one. There are plenty of good performers in the $400 range new.
I had an FSR12. They were great subs, and still are if they work. Unfortunately from what I have seen the electronics don't seem to have longevity. If yours works, I would be concerned that it wouldn't work much longer.
Thanks everybody for your responses. I was thinking about the same thing and yes 10 years is a bit old. What other optionsin the $400 range would you guys consider? I will look into some M & K in the meantime.