velodyne fsr 18

hi all, i have a chance to grab a velodyne fsr 18 for $1000 canadian dollars. is this over priced.

the same guy had a paradigm servo v2 that i was going to buy but he sold it for $1200.

can anyone tell me if the velodyne fsr 18 is as good as the paradigm servo v2? is it better or worse?

my room is only 14x11.5 feet with a, 8 foot ceiling.
is the velodyne gonna be overkill in there.
it is gonna be used for home theater only.

Look at the new Velodyne Optimum series. They have lots of the features of the DD series at lower costs but would be nearly perfect for a small room such as yours. You could purchase a new model for around the same price as the FSR 18 and get a better sub.
As an owner of this particular BEAST;

Let me be very clear, for music, or video, this

is a no B.S. 18" 1250watt. 3000 watt peak.

Flat at 11hz. True sub-woofer. Identical to the H.G.S. 18

When blended, completely disappears.

Check out the heavy surround on the Velodyne.

You say video only, I also have a CHT-15,

that was reviewed and rated above All others.

IMHO, given your room size, you would be better

served with the likes of a CHT-15 instead of

a FSR-18. It WILL be overkill.

You will NEVER be able to realize the FSR's full

ability, with such a small room.

Listen to the subs. at home if possible, that is

the only sure way to get the right one.

A good 12" or 15" will be plenty of solid foundation,

given your room size. Especially if it is a Velodyne.

I Love Music!
I agree with Bjpd57al, all you need is a 12" or 15" sub. My audio room is 14x15x8, and I'm using a Velo F1500R (15") and it's more than enough. You' knock your walls down with the 18" unit!