Velodyne F1500 Sub. How good is it

Has anyone ever used or owned a Velodyne F 1500 Sub. How good is this sub on movies and Music. I heard the sub on Movies and it sounded great. I haven't heard it on Music. Has anyone used this sub for Music and Movies
buy *two* vmps subs for the price of *one* velodyne - two subs (any brand) are necessary for music, imho...
One F-1500 will be far more accurate than two VMPS. One sub correctly placed is fine for music. No sub is more accurate for music than a Velodyne Servo.
hi curt, i wouldn't trade *two* f-1500's for my sub system, which consists of a pair of vmps larger subs, 2 bridged adcom gfa555's, & a deluxe marchand xm9 24db/octave x-over. i have yet to hear *any* sub system, w/the exception of the subs on the infinity irs 5's, that come anywhere *close* to the clean, tuneful, deep bass i get outta my system. even the 18" velodynes sounded muddy in comparison to my sub system. as far as using only one sub, unless it's a *really* small room, it *will* degrade the soundstage, no matter how well it's placed. one person's opinion... doug