Velodyne F-Series for theater?

Is anyone using one of the older Foundation Series woofers for music and theater? I would very much like to add a 10” F-1000 to my system but have been warned from Velodyne not to use it for home theater applications ...sighting that the unvented servos can't handle the loud, sustained bass in movies. Any advice?

Thanks for your time.
I use an F1200... I would recommend this or an f1500 for theater... the f1000 is a good, musical sub, but you may want a more heavy duty or larger sub.. the active servo sub is fine for theater...
get an f 1200x for 450..used it is a great sub!
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well, Jdusen, thank you for this posting. I have two of the F-1000 and this is the first time I learn that they're not recommended for HT. I have to admit that in some action movies they don't handle the load spcially at at the THX level. So I would stay away. Now that I know this, I will sell mine.
I have both the Velodyne F-1500 (HT) and the REL Storm (2 channel Stereo). While the 15" Velodyne can definitely rattle the windows, IMO, the REL is both faster and tauter. If you're making a change anyway, I'd recommend that you audition both if possible.

Hello, and thank you for the replies.

Before contacting Velodyne, the F1000 would’ve been an ideal fit for my situation ...performance, size, & price wise. I am still renting and generally don’t play music or movies very loud. My system is good enough but intentionally on the smallish side and the 14” cube would have been a nice fit all-around. I’ll probably consider other manufacturers or even the VA Series before moving up to a 12”.

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