Velodyne DD15 - worth repairing the plate amp?

The amp in my 2008 Velodyne DD15 is dead as a door nail. 

How good is this old marvel compared to today's offerings?

Worth investing another $500 (to have amp repaired, incl roundtrip shipping, tax, etc)? Or just use as passive sub?

How does it compete to modern subs, for example SBS SB-2000 or SB-3000 (both under $1k pre owned)?


Replacing the plate amp (or using external amp as I currently do) means NOT having the 'SERVO' control feature the Velodyne was/is famous for. I would assume that this is part of the high regard and performance those Velodyne are known for in comparison to 'lesser' subs. Plus from a budget standpoint: what do you get for say $500 budget? A plate (or external amp) vs a repaired Velodyne with Servo Control/room accoustic. 

Has anyone compared 'just amp' vs 'Velodyne control/amp' ? Maybe the DD15 has a setting 'straight/direct', basically just using the amp and bypassing the Velodyne servo feature?

csmgolf, you are correct. I was wrong about the quick setup button.

There is a second mic input on the front of the DD-15 and 18. So you don’t have to move the subs to connect it.

Replacing the plate amp with another is not really an option considering the power(1250 watts) and abilities of the Velodyne model. And there’s also a video output for complete setup.


I have the older Velodyne F-1500 been in continuous use for 30 years. Starting to. notice some odd low level sounds fluttering buzzing. Would that be caps needing replacement. Still sounds great to me just noticed the sound when I am up close to it and the level is low. Thinking I may try to re cap myself. Anyone here done it? how difficult is it?

@jomolu Something simple to try would be to rotate the driver 180 degrees, mindful of over tightening the fasteners. Even with no improvement it can hurt.


That is a great idea, kind of like rotating your tires. Not sure if it would  have any effect on the sounds I am hearing. I would just like to replace all the parts in the amp that may be bad do to age.