Velodyne DD10 vs DD12

Is there a big difference in sound between the two? I have around 2500 cubic feet in my room. Thanks all.
I owned both and the DD12 is what I would call a sub and the DD-10 is like a little boom box! I hope that helps!
Typically larger drivers will go lower in frequency even if only by a couple of hertz with the same manufacturer. I have a Rel B3 with a 10" driver and 200w. I do have 1 song the sub seems to fall apart with and sound flubby. I've had the sub for 4 years and just got the cd a month ago.
If possible try to demo them yourself. If that isn't possible I would say go for the larger more powerful of the 2. You can always tone it down a hair rather than possibly push the smaller one too far.
Just my opinion
The advantage with a small sub is theoretically will go higher in xo frequency. Thus allowing one to intregrate stereo subs better. 2500 sq ft is starting to get a little large for one DD10. Solution : if one is not enough, try two. Just remember, servo does'nt care about Theil Small
With a room that large, you may want to look at the JL fathoms.
Thanks all! I'm getting the DD12.

my room is not much larger... at about 2700 cu ft. I own a DD 15... I cuold use two of them IMHO.... or maybe an 18.

But for sure more than the single 15 in place now.

it's livable with... not bad... OK... but not scintilatingly exciteting. All comments here from me are in both arenas, HT & 2ch.

At best I'd say my DD 15 does a very good job on HT... and pretty good on 2ch... but a second sub do seem the proper way to go... as oh so many other posts on subs reflect. double your pleasure with a pair of them rather than just one.

Velodyne support told me for my space, a pair of 12's would suit well. it seems perhaps they were right as I still percieve the need for a tad more than one DD15.

My speakers get below 30hz too.
Glad you are going with the DD12. When I was demoing at the time the previous generation subs, the HGS-10 and HGS-12, I ended up with the HGS-12. More output and still just as quick as the HGS-10. I would assume the same with the DD10,12 since they still use the same drivers and amps as the HGS series.