Velodyne DD vs DD18plus?

I have DD18 but considering the new version. Anyone who had compared DD18 vs DD18plus?
Hi Ulf,

good to come across you again...i cannot say i have compared. i also have the dd18,so pls let me know. BTW, have you considered JL...F212 or Gotham 213? I have heard incredibly good things about these. Yes, more expensive though s/hand there might be a good deal which would make the pricing compared to new DD18 plus closer.

pls post an updates!!!
I have a DD15 and upgraded to DD15+. More of everything, plus very effortless power. New software and config-ability make this a nice upgrade. ALso not having to go thru the TV to rework slope and volume is another positive.
Hi Fplanner,

how much to upgrade? What does the upgrade involve? thanks!
When Flanner says upgrade, he means that he no longer uses the DD15 and bought a DD15+. There is no upgrade from the old DD series to the new DD+ series. They are entirely different subwoofers.

I have a small room and previously had used the DD10. I now use the DD10+. It is a substantial upgrade across the board.

Disclosure: I am a Velodyne dealer.
Thanks Everest!
EA is correct. I am keeping the DD-15 so that I'll have the potential for dual subs later.
It depends what your using the subs for . For movies ect the Velodyne's dynamics are hard to beat . But for music there are better choices .
Tmsorosk, have you heard the new DD+ series? I rarely watch movies, the DD10+ in my system is used for music. It's a killer sub for music, IMHO.
Mine is also being used primarily for music and works very well in that capacity. I also suggest you listen to the DD+ series - I'm not a dealer, but its like night and day - its better in pretty much all the different ways you would have wanted to make the DD series better. Velo did a very good job here, IMHO. Obviously, we vote with our dollars... :-)
Hi FPlanner,

Can you describe the ways in which the music is better with the + Series vs the original? Thanks!
Sounds deeper, more melodic and very fast. Very "effortless". The software also allows the sub to integrate almost seamlessly with my room, which is hard to pressurize. Non-sonically, I really like the way the remote now has a display on the sub so that adjustments if necessary for different music can be made on the fly.
Thanks for advice. I will look for a used dd18+ when they start to come out on the market. Good thing to have display on the sub itself.
I am also considering JL Gotham 213 (someday...not now).